DS Suit

End-to-end digital signage solutions for effective customer and employee interactions

Digital Signage enables multi-branch and headquartered companies to establish the same effective communication with their customers and employees anytime, anywhere.


DS Suit enables all screens, regardless of location, to be synchronized with a single command, displaying the same content on all screens.

With the platform's enhanced features, all transactions can be analyzed, the margin of error is reduced, and efficiency is increased with manageable and customizable approval processes. Thanks to its integrated structure with the ERP system, it enables accurate analysis of financial data and resource utilization planning and procurement processes.

Regardless of the organization's size, all financial recording processes that may occur with SAP FI documentation can be followed. At the same time, all profit/loss flow can be monitored in real time with the SAP CO module.

As well as enabling easy management and control of content streamed on screens in different locations, DS Suit also makes it possible to see which of these screens are active, remotely turn them on and off, reboot them, adjust their volume, and enable or disable their controls.

DS Suit can also view technical information about the endpoint displays, such as manufacturer information, hardware specifications, and software and development kit version.


DS Suit at a glance

  • 24/7 remote screen management from a centralized hub
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, and SoC devices
  • Multiple user authorization levels
  • Robust multimedia support
  • Data transfer from external sources via RSS feeds
  • Scheduled content publication
  • Screen grouping and assignment of content to specific groups
  • Content view statistics

User-Friendly Digital Signage Software

DS Suit has user-friendly capabilities that make it easy for brands to create a communication standard at all endpoints where they interact with their target audience.

Designed to be easy to use, the web-based content management interface provides detailed information about all content at a glance, allows for drag-and-drop edits, and allows content to be added to the publication schedule with date, time, or location conditions.

From One Center to All Screens

Thanks to DS Suit's advanced features, it is now easier than ever to broadcast content over the internet on geographically dispersed screens, manage broadcasts on a scheduled basis, monitor hundreds of screens from a single center, and get detailed reports on broadcast and device status.

Services Available on Demand

Take advantage of Kiosk İnnova's content and publishing expertise to make the most of DS Suit's capabilities.

Content and Broadcast Management

  • Kiosk İnnova's expert teams manage your broadcast streams.
  • Broadcasts can be sorted as desired.
  • Broadcasts can be scheduled for hours, days, weeks, and months.
  • Screens can be subdivided, and different content can be shown in each section.
  • Broadcasts are centrally controlled.

Content Service

  • Your target audience's attention is drawn to the right place, time, and content.
  • Design and animation
  • Compiling and organizing content
  • Update and publication management

Central Monitoring

  • Kiosk İnnova experts ensure all your displays are working as they should.
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Status Reporting
  • Field Support

DS Suit Analytics

DS Suit Analytics uses cameras and sensors to automatically change the content shown on the screens according to the people looking at the screen and the ambient temperature, humidity, and light data.

DS Analytics reports whether the content on the broadcast is of interest and records demographic information such as the age and gender of the viewers who show interest in the broadcasts and how long they watched the broadcast.

DS Suit's product comparison module allows viewers to interact with screens to compare multiple products. The meeting room module, which integrates with Outlook and Office 365, is equipped with features that increase the efficiency of meeting rooms as well as display meeting information.

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