AvioFlex Product Family

Sector-specific technology solutions for aviation

Offering complete solutions to the unique needs of the aviation industry, the Innova AvioFlex product family facilitates the most complex and critical processes of aviation companies with advanced technological capabilities, increasing the efficiency and safety of operations.

Developed for easy and effective management of airline operation control centers in the face of ever-increasing flights, aircraft, and destinations, AvioFlex Ops Manager enables the digital transformation of these centers, which operate 24/7 without interruption by providing the features they need most.

AvioFlex LIFUS Manager enables training pilots and cabin crew to be carried out digitally and integrated with other airline systems.


AvioFlex Cabin+ increases employee and customer satisfaction by making it easier for cabin supervisors to fulfill their duties completely. At the same time, AvioFlex Crew Duty enables cabin crew to access all flight information on their mobile devices. AvioFlex Crew Check-in, on the other hand, enables flight crews to easily perform check-in procedures via their mobile devices and save time in the busy flight tempo.

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