PayFlex Product Family

Fintech solutions as building blocks of digital transformation

İnnova's long years of experience in fintech have been transformed into PayFlex solutions.


The PayFlex product family includes many İnnovative products that enable payment and collection processes to be easily carried out with world-class security, ensure that digital transformation practices are carried out per legal regulations, and increase customer interactions and returns.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance has granted İnnova the title of special integrator. PayFlex solutions enable all institutions and organizations to conduct their business more efficiently, accurately, and easily, regardless of scale and sector.

Developed by İnnova in compliance with legal regulations, the PayFlex e-Invoice solution makes the transition to the electronic invoice system easy and fast. Thanks to İnnova's expert team managing the transition process from start to finish, there is no need to make additional investments or employ technical experts.

PayFlex e-Invoice solution, which guarantees 24x7 uninterrupted operation, automatically sends all the information companies must submit to the Revenue Administration. PayFlex e-Invoice users do not need to use an additional service for invoice archiving. PayFlex e-Invoice solution can be easily integrated into ERP systems and complies with UBL (Universal Business Language) and EFKS (Electronic Invoice Recording System).


PayFlex Loyalty

İnnova PayFlex Loyalty enables brands to quickly implement campaigns in different scenarios to increase their value, sales, and customer satisfaction. With PayFlex Loyalty, which can be adapted to many different sectors, especially telecom, finance, insurance, retail, tourism, entertainment, and health, different campaign fictions such as awarding points or discounts to customers, distributing rewards, and offering personalized deals can be implemented quickly.

PayFlex Loyalty supports cross-selling and up-selling techniques, reduces customer churn, and increases the average basket amount and customer loyalty.

PayFlex ASA

PayFlex ASA, a smart sales assistant, enables retail businesses to instantly manage data on all buying and selling transactions from a single screen. The data of cash or futures transactions made from both the internet and new-generation payment devices can be monitored instantly with PayFlex ASA.

The PayFlex ASA solution, which can be integrated with the services used for e-Archive, e-Invoice, and the existing ERP system, keeps all the purchase and sales transactions in each store and branch under 24x7 control.

Other PayFlex Products

Develop customized processes for your customer groups and strengthen your decision support systems with AI-powered simulations. With its TS EN ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO/IEC 15504 certificates, İnnova provides the maintenance and support services required by all institutions per world standards and with superior quality. The services offered to financial institutions are provided per Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) regulations.

PayFlex SmartCollect empowers large operations to manage their non-performing receivables with modern technologies. It allows users to design segmentation, scores, and processes for customer groups without additional development costs.

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