Network 360

User-friendly and easy to implement network management system


Monitor and manage all the equipment connected to your network in real time with İnnova's network management system, Network 360. Network 360 tracks the performance of routers, switches, access points, and Linux and Windows servers in real time. It reports the efficiency, RAM, disk usage, and everything that can be monitored with the network equipment's ICNP, SNMP, and WMI protocols.

You don't need an upper-level understanding of networks to control small or large networks with Network 360 fully. It provides help instructions in all modules in case you need them. The target-oriented solution, which includes extensive support services of clued-in engineers of İnnova, can be implemented on any network quickly.

Network 360 has customizable dashboards that can be configured accordingly to each company’s own needs. You can see information about the devices critical to operations and network performance, a summary of network information, alarms, topology map, event logs, and the ten most important performance report indicators on the dashboard. 



  • Network 360 helps monitor and manage the network from a single point and reports the status and usage of network equipment in real time.
  • It ensures the problems caused by unexpected traffic spikes are immediately noticed and resolved.
  • Network managers can designate configurations to the devices remotely with Network 360.
  • Thanks to the custom alarm mechanisms that can be set to devices with Network 360, the relevant teams can be automatically notified in the case of unexpected events.
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