Kiosk İnnova Product Family

Custom kiosk hardware, software, and services

Kiosk İnnova, İnnova's leading self-service solutions brand, operates in 25 countries as an end-to-end solution provider with its İnnovative digital signage solutions, kiosk hardware, software suites, and content management tools that it customizes according to customer needs.

Designed and manufactured by Kiosk İnnova, İnnova kiosks can be used for payment, ticketing, visitor registration, information, and way-finding functions. Kiosk İnnova develops hardware and software suites to effectively manage interaction with customers and employees and also licenses the world's leading self-service software for complex projects.


Kiosk Types

Payment kiosks offer a fast and easy collection option for organizations that regularly bill subscribers, such as telecom operators or energy distribution companies, and public institutions that collect taxes or fees.

Self-service payment kiosks reduce personnel costs and increase customer satisfaction. İnnova's customized kiosks can offer various options, such as paying bills in full or in part, prepaying before receiving a service, loading credit, or paying with coupons.


KioWare Remote Monitoring Solutions

KioWare provides high lockdown security at the operating system level for web-based applications by restricting user access to the operating system and desktop while limiting internet access to only authorized websites.

KioWare Kiosk Management Server Software allows you to remotely manage your kiosks, application/page views and usage statistics, survey data, content, and configurations individually or in groups.

Queue Management Solutions

İnnova Queue Management Solutions shorten service times and improve the in-branch customer experience in banks, hospitals, public institutions, and retail service points while providing important insights that can be used in resource planning and customer relationship management processes.

İnnova offers turnkey Queue Management Solutions, including custom hardware for the specific needs of each organization, the best software from its business partners, and installation and maintenance services provided through its support offices.

Our Products

INF 110 is a modular kiosk that takes up very little space and includes essential components such as a printer and reader. An optional second 19-inch LCD screen allows for advertising and signage/information applications.


NGD 110 offers multi-purpose usage opportunities such as registration, sales, and promotion in shopping malls, stores, sports fields, and airports. NGD 110’s light and durable design can be customized with corporate colors and logos.


You can examine all our products in detail by downloading our catalogue from the link below.

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