LEGA Product Family

Legal automation solutions for facilitating administrative and legal proceedings

Developed for legal automation and digital transformation, the İnnova LEGA product family enables organizations that carry out collection processes to track all debt enforcement and litigation cases with technological capabilities that provide high efficiency and speed and manage them with real National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP) integration.


Bringing a modern and centralized management approach to managing debt enforcement and litigation cases, the LEGA product family handles administrative and legal proceedings with the effective management of corporate lawyers and contracted law offices. The product family, which consists of two different editions, LEGA, and LEGA Lite, offers customized solutions and capabilities suitable for the needs of different sectors.


LEGA brings a modern, standardized, centralized management approach to all debt enforcement and litigation cases for institutions, especially financial institutions, that carry on constant collection processes.

LEGA handles all administrative and legal proceedings by effectively managing the institution's lawyers and contracted law offices. In addition to managing all cases in favor of and against the institutions, LEGA performs overdue debt proceedings of credit or policy products, mobile/fixed lines, broadband internet and television subscriptions, energy, natural gas, and water bills in individual and corporate subscriptions.

Lega Lite

Developed as a private cloud product for institutions and organizations that want to keep their data in their systems, LEGA Lite makes debt collection and routine legal processes easier than ever with its high integration flexibility and capabilities.

LEGA Lite offers tracking and management capabilities for finance companies, universities, municipalities, fleet leasing, and group companies.

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