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Robotic Process Automation benefits from rule-based artificial intelligence (AI) and business automation technologies. Thanks to RPA, the business processes you have determined can be completed by robots configured to mimic human actions by interacting with digital systems. RPA robots can be configured to interact with the user interfaces to collect data and alter applications like human operators.

RPA robots can be equipped with abilities of interpretation, calculation, triggering responses, and interacting with certain systems to complete the repetitive tasks they are responsible for.

Which processes can be automated with RPA?

RPA is differentiated from other systems as it can be used in all sectors, public or private. For a process to be automated with RPA, it needs to carry the following characteristics:

  • Repetitive tasks that need human intervention
  • Consistent processes with few exceptions
  • System interactions with readable electronic documents
  • Tasks that have varying steps and that can be learned​​​​​​

Any business process with the above characteristics can be completed by RPA robots much faster compared to human operators. By using RPA in these processes, you can decrease the workload and the error rates of your employees to a minimum in repetitive complex tasks. İnnova’s expert team of analysts and engineers can determine which processes are compatible with RPA and customize the most suitable automation solutions for you.


  • Zero Infrastructure Change

It can be paused, moved, or used periodically.

  • Durability

Works 24/7.

  • Increased Productivity

Shortens transaction times substantially.

  • Speed

RPA learns processes quickly, regardless of their complexity. 

  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Creates time for value-added tasks by handling routine jobs.

  • Precision

You will get clean results with zero error.

  • Easy Scaling

It creates an effort standard.

  • Increased Security

Processes all data with reliability and logs each activity.

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