RaaS | Managed Robotic Process Automation Services

Accelerate business processes, reduce errors, and cut costs

İnnova offers robotic process automation solutions as a service to help organizations delegate their repetitive, time-and effort-heavy workloads to software robots.


İnnova RPA as a Service (RaaS) ensures that routine business processes are carried out by bots with superhuman speed and accuracy without licensing and infrastructure investment for software robots or allocating resources for development, operation, and maintenance.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) utilizes rule-based artificial intelligence and workflow automation technologies. RPA ensures that the business processes you choose are run quickly and accurately by robots configured to imitate human interactions with digital systems. RPA robots can be configured for the tasks of capturing data, compiling data, and modifying applications based on your needs.

Advantages and Benefits of RPA

RPA robots are implemented quickly and strategically to work 24/7 and offer many advantages, especially time and resource savings, to operations with heavy workloads and reporting needs.

  • Time and cost savings
  • Faster return on investment
  • Increased accuracy and quality
  • Up to 90 percent faster business processes
  • Better employee and customer experiences
  • More data and analysis on your operation and competitors
  • Revenue increase with faster, effortless, error- and resource-free work processes

Managed Robotic Process Automation Services (RaaS)

RPA as a Service (RaaS) streamlines routine workloads while not requiring licensing and infrastructure expenditure or maintenance and operational continuity efforts required by traditional robotic process automation.

Using the ready-made and scalable robot infrastructure in İnnova Robot Base, you can increase the number of robots on a periodic or campaign basis and reduce the number of robots and costs when you want to downsize your operation.

How can managed robotic process automation services help your business?

RPA services are managed end-to-end by İnnova experts and enable organizations to utilize a robotic workforce to increase their overall efficiency with an accessible pay-as-you-go model. İnnova RaaS offers a more accessible and flexible solution than traditional RPA approaches.

  • Cost saving

RaaS significantly saves initial costs by eliminating the need for infrastructure and licensing investments. İnnova RaaS also includes the resources needed for maintenance and operational continuity efforts, enables cost savings of up to 40 percent compared to standard RPA solutions, and accelerates reaching the ROI targets.

  • Extensive Library

Ready to use! The İnnova Ready Robot Library's rich resources include pre-designed software robots and business scenarios for different needs, enabling immediate and easy implementation of robotic process automation.

  • End-to-End Management

Experts carry out all robotic process automation processes. İnnova's experienced RPA teams provide end-to-end development, maintenance, and operation services while organizations effortlessly increase their operational efficiency.

  • Sustainable Improvements

Software robots, or simply bots, improve your business. İnnova RPA experts adapt the latest technological trends and advantages to workflows to accelerate the sustainable improvement of operations.

  • Scalable

Needs can change. İnnova RaaS allows businesses to scale their RPA services up or down permanently or periodically to achieve operational profitability by using capacity effectively.

Did you know?

Tiresome tasks that do not require creativity and logic are error-prone due to their routine nature. They do not contribute to professional development and demotivate employees. Software robots are here to free them of these burdens. While robots perform routine tasks faster and more accurately than ever, your employees can take responsibility where you need their skills the most.

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