Turkish Kiosks Atop the World’s Summit

1 Kas 2013


İnnova won the race to deploy cutting-edge kiosks on the observation deck of the world’s tallest-standing skyscraper, Burj Khalifa.

The proud exporter of state-of-the-art ICT solutions in 37 countries across four continents and Turkey’s locomotive in information technologies, İnnova is going full-throttle with its overseas endeavors. The ticketing transactions in 829.9-meters-standing Burj Khalifa’s 124th-story observation deck, ‘At the Top’, will be proceeded by ticketing kiosks designed and developed by İnnova, Turk Telekom Group’s information technologies company.

Kiosk İnnova gaining grounds in Dubai

Burj Khalifa’s above-the-clouds observation deck is a major tourist attraction. Before the top-of-the-line solutions deployed by İnnova’s professional self-service solutions brand, Kiosk İnnova, long lines at ticketing booths were a common sight and a major source of disaffection for tourists. Even tourists who’d purchased their tickets online would have to wait in these queues to print their already bought tickets.

Thanks to new kiosks equipped with embedded credit card readers, ticket purchasing, reservation, and printing transactions can now be carried out over self-service kiosks in a much more expedited manner. İnnova’s Director of Kiosk and Automation Solutions, Ahmet Kebabçıoğlu, pointed to the excellent reputation of Kiosk İnnova products in Dubai: “Other Kiosk İnnova references in Dubai include a wide array of reputable industry leaders like Sharaf, Dubai’s largest electronics retailer; the organizer of all land, sea, rail and metro transportation in the country, RTA; and one of the world’s biggest theater chains, Reel Cinemas. Our planned and long-term approach in the Middle East has paved the way for us to gain significant ground in both Dubai and other countries of the region. It is a source of great honor for us to be a Turkish company that is the top-choice of highly prestigious partners”.

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