SkywaveStore: A Digital Touch to Your Stores

Managing your stores has never been more efficient.

Grocery stores, chain stores, shopping malls and others... With its powerful features, SkywaveStore opens the way for you to achieve higher productivity from your stores, while also increasing your customer and employee satisfaction rates.

With SkywaveStore, which is a Smart Store platform managed from a single center, you can get instant data on what's happening in every square meter of your stores.

SkywaveStore's Featured Talents

Single Center Management

With SkywaveStore, you can manage and track all your stores from one center, whether in one city or in different countries. All of your stores are under control in every moment.

View the Number of Customers in Your Stores

The stores that are in different locations can vary in size. Some can serve on more than one floor on a crowded street, while others can serve on multiple floors within the mall. SkywaveStore's advanced features let you get up-to-date information about how many customers are in which store and reports back.

Learn Which Departments are Attracting Interest

It is very important to be able to explore your customers' interests and direct them to right areas, especially in stores with large spaces. SkywaveStore allows you to make this discovery while also helping you perform store-based analysis.

Getting to Know Customers Better

Being able to examine the movements of a customer within the store is critical for issues such as product placement, the point at which staff should meet the customer. With SkywaveStore, you can monitor your customers ' movements with realistic data and increase your customer satisfaction rates with improvements such as campaign products and staff positioning.

Effective Personnel Management

Not every store is a copy of another. Factors such as location and number of daily visitors create various differences. This increases the value of in-store personnel management. With SkywaveStore, you can ensure that your employees are positioned in the right places inside the store and increase customer satisfaction.

SkywaveStore Components

SkywaveStore has subcomponents equipped with different competencies. These components help store managers to deliver more efficient service while making it easier for background technical processes to be done.

Person Counting System

How many people visit your stores? How much do the number of these visits overlap with your other similarly positioned stores, such as the nearby area or the mall? With SkywaveStore, Person Counting System allows you to access the clear information you need with cameras and sensors placed in store entrances. So you can make powerful analyses based on different criteria and can benefit from the results of these analyses when building your new shop or renewing the existing ones.

Personnel Monitoring Systems

Even if your stores have high safety standards in shopping malls, in-store security is the responsibility of businesses. Biometric security systems with fingerprint reader support are integrated into SkywaveStore which allows your staff to access areas within their jurisdiction. Therefore, this prevents the transgression of warehouse personnel into the rooms where your servers are located. The system also prevents your customers from accidentally setting foot on warehouses or cash registers. The system can also be used to monitor the personnel work schedule if desired.

Smart Sign Lighting Management

Whether your store is on a crowded street or in a shopping mall with a wide corridor, the first thing you see is the sign. The Smart Sign Lighting Management system that comes with SkywaveStore allows you to switch to the correct lighting levels in different time periods. Beyond saving energy, this feature helps make the store more easily noticed by passers-by in the area.

Heat Map

It is one of SkywaveStore's standout features. In this way, you can clearly identify areas where your customers are more concentrated in the store. This information helps you to make the right moves on product placement, campaign announcements or where your staff should be.


By centrally collecting, understanding and reporting data from all SkywaveStore components in your stores, you can perform collective Analyses, see in-store dynamics, and achieve operational efficiency, whether for a single store or for all of your stores.

Integration with External Systems

Whether it is a charging point or an ERP software, you can integrate external systems in your stores with SkywaveStore and increase your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Store Monitoring and Management

Would you like to keep tabs on the information instantly such as temperature, humidity, noise, and lighting in your store? By automatically managing all air conditioning and lighting systems, you can be assured of keeping the same service quality at all your stores. Meanwhile, you can manage efficiency accurately and save costs.

Central Digital Broadcast Management

It is easy to program the contents of the screens in your stores and control customer interaction. With the central broadcast management platform, you can group all the screens as you please, and set broadcast stream daily, weekly, or even hourly.

Energy Efficiency Management

Would you like to see the energy consumption instantly and analyze the past usage? With Skywave Smart Store, you can set the lighting in all your stores by the weather conditions, and you can save costs by setting the lighting automatically by the customer density.

Success Stories

With SkywaveStore, Türk Telekom's stores and customer centers in more than 1,100 locations in 81 provinces of Turkey can be monitored from a single center and now nearly 4 thousand devices are actively managed.

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