SkywaveSense: Monitor Your Work 24/7

Monitor all media values 24/7; control your devices from one center; increase your productivity.

SkywaveSense is an advanced solution that helps you monitor values instantly from a single center on a 24-hour basis such as the temperature, humidity, energy consumption of all your assets and etc. Whether you cater food or manage large shipping fleets. With SkywaveSense, all your assets are under control 24/7.

SkywaveSense's Featured Talents

Single Center Management

With SkywaveSense, you can manage the entire process from a single center, regardless of your number of stores or vehicles. Advanced screens and easy-to-use interfaces offered by Innova provide ease of use for regular monitoring while automatic alarms can be controlled in case the limits of the specified criteria are exceeded or lowered.

Enter the Age of Internet of Things

Innova SkywaveSense is one of the most effective solutions that allow you to transition into the age of the Internet of Things. With SkywaveSense, you can control the values of all your assets through advanced sensors and communication technologies.

Device Independent Platform

One of SkywaveSense's key pros is that it is a device-independent solution. The temperature, humidity and smoke variables of the device you want to monitor are under your control at any time. You can define different criteria or have a sustainable structure for your products and services and use it for a myriad of different types of devices, whether it's an oven or a cold storage transport or a sign.

Advanced Warning Mechanisms

Among the capabilities the solution possesses, advanced warning mechanisms offer a distinct assurance. In case the values deviate from the quality standards determined by the system, e-mail, SMS and etc. you can receive notifications through other channels. However, if you have a control center, you can view the malfunctions with GPS coordinates.

Advanced Reporting

As with all of Innova's digital conversion solutions, SkywaveSense comes with advanced reporting support. In retrospect, daily, weekly, monthly or any date range reports can be generated. These reports can be received quickly at predetermined periods or momentarily.