SkywaveFactory: Innovative Industry 4.0 Approaches for Smart Factories

SkywaveFactory adds future-proof efficiency to the factories with cyber-physical systems.

SkywaveFactory, the smart factory solution developed by Innova with inhouse resources, adds smart capabilities to the production equipment used by factories within the scope of Industry 4.0, enables analysis of the data it collects through them and provides artificial intelligence solutions such as predictive maintenance.

Smart factories are digitized manufacturing facilities that continuously collect and share data through connected machines, devices, and production systems. Smart facilities digitalize every production stage while allowing easy management from a single platform.

SkywaveFactory collects information from the physical world to create a digital record of the operation and supply network, provides advanced analytical analysis and visualization of real-time data from multiple sources, applies algorithms and automation to transform digital decisions and actions into physical movements.

Brand-independent solution architect Innova works with the leading hardware manufacturers to design and implement the most suitable solutions for the unique needs of manufacturers with SkywaveFactory.

Capabilities of Smart Factories with Industry 4.0

   Measuring production line efficiency
   Calculating the total production cost
   Viewing actual production capacity
   Monitoring the production line failure and maintenance times

   Tracking the quality of the products produced throughout the production process
   Facilitating the adaptation of new product production processes
   Monitoring of Occupational Health and Safety practices
   Reducing troubleshooting times

Key Features of the SkywaveFactory

Real-Time Production Tracking

This capability enables all data gathered via equipment or sensors to be collected at a central platform and monitored instantaneously on the desired environment. You can instantly track production lines, production status, and the planned amount of production with SkywaveFactory. On the other hand, you can check the daily production plans and target production times on the timeline.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Reporting

SkywaveFactory calculates and reports non-production times such as machine failures, downtimes, and equipment adjustments. The visibility of the OEE ratio makes it easier to determine the capacity-enhancing action plans.

Predictive Maintenance

The data SkywaveFactory collects from machines ensures that failures are predicted and can be addressed before they occur. Productivity is increased by reducing unplanned downtime. Predictive maintenance provides a higher cost advantage than preventive maintenance. Predictive maintenance is an artificial intelligence technique that increases equipment lifetime and efficiency while reducing downtime in production devices and processes.

Quality Forecasting

SkywaveFactory monitors every inch of the production facility and alarms when factors that cause poor quality products occur. The system connects quality control to automation and increases efficiency while reducing scrap products and costs.

Energy Consumption Monitoring and Optimization

SkywaveFactory monitors the energy needs for the production instantly, preventing unnecessary energy consumption and optimizing consumption. The smart factory solution monitors electricity, active and reactive power consumption instantaneously and enables real-time monitoring of the energy quality. It generates alarms to warn the relevant professionals in case of a sudden voltage drop or rise that may damage the equipment.

Supply Chain Management

SkywaveFactory has supply chain management capabilities to increase production efficiency and capacity. While ensuring the correct planning of raw material needs and effective cost management, it also improves delivery performance by enabling the follow-up of logistics processes from a single center. The supply chain management capabilities of the smart factory solution reduce supply cycle time while reducing logistics costs.

Personnel Tracking, Occupational Health and Safety

Production facilities can be dangerous environments for people due to the machinery, materials, and equipment used. The SkywaveFactory smart factory solution monitors the location of all employees in the production facility in real-time, measures their productivity, and immediately stops production machines and equipment in case of an emergency where employees are in danger or case of production line violations.

Inventory and Asset Location Tracking (Forklift & AGV)

SkywaveFactory provides real-time tracking of the location of all inventory and assets used in production operations. Production levels, production facility temperature map, raw materials, semi-finished products, parts, and end products can be managed from a single center. SkywaveFactory also tracks the route and location of forklifts, prevents accidents, and analyzes the efficiency of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle).