SkywaveCity: Ideal City
Management Platform for Smart Cities

Smart cities with increasing numbers come to life with Innova SkywaveCity solutions.

Municipalities are placing greater emphasis on smart city practices to serve their citizens more effectively. Innova SkywaveCity platform provides ease of administration by delivering all the components that a smart city needs on a single platform and adds value to the lives of city residents.

SkywaveCity, which consolidates data received from thousands of different sensors around the city in one center, digitizes cities in many areas, from transportation to lighting, from information services to climate analysis, from parking and waste management to irrigation.

SkywaveCity's Featured Talents

Innova, one of the biggest helpers of local governments on their journey of becoming a smart city, provides unique conveniences to local managers with SkywaveCity. Offering an integrated digital city management environment, SkywaveCity is equipped with powerful capabilities for cities.

Smart City Transformation

With SkywaveCity, you can gather all your Smart City apps, including those you already use, under one platform. With SkywaveCity's advanced tools, you can accelerate your smart city transformation.

SkywaveIoT Platform

SkywaveCity, which is built on Innova's award-winning SkywaveIoT platform, provides a flexible and scalable architecture. This structure allows local governments to easily incorporate their new services into the system and scale the system in direct proportion to the growth of the city.

Big Data Analysis

Each smart city needs sensors in their thousands, even millions, depending on its size and population. The transformation of data from a large number of different channels into a common value takes place through an effective analysis. With its analytical capabilities, SkywaveCity provides local governments with spot-on opportunities to assess the current situation and create new values.

Inter-Application Interaction

Using the Smart City platform, you can interact with Smart City applications and increase the added value of Smart City transformation. This interaction is achieved between SkywaveCity and different Smart City applications also making it possible to create cross-scenarios.

Real-Time Integration

The success of Internet of Things applications depends on strong data communication at any moment and on the efficient and rapid evaluation of that data. SkywaveCity enables instant integration with other corporate systems used by local governments and also provides instant monitoring and control from operation centers.

SkywaveCity Modules

SkywaveCity Modules

The SkywaveCity architecture has sub-modules equipped with different competencies. With this modular architecture, local governments provide more efficient services and Smart City transformation is accelerated.

Smart City Apps

All Smart City apps with SkywaveCity are on one platform. In addition to meeting the needs of local governments, SkywaveCity makes it possible to generate data for cities for forward planning.


Smart Lighting: The surge in energy costs further increases the importance of lighting systems. Lighting levels are adjusted according to daylight while avoiding unnecessary consumption thanks to the Intelligent Lighting component.

Meter Reading: It facilitates the monitoring of local government electricity and water meters built throughout the city. While data for all meters can be accessed from the center, it can be easily determined which meter is problematic in the event of any malfunction.


Smart Junction: One of the biggest problems in cities is traffic jams. With the Smart Junction component, signaling is adjusted to instant traffic intensity, providing optimum traffic flow and fuel saving for drivers and reduction in CO2 emissions. It also helps vehicles such as ambulances and fire brigades reach the scene with priority crossing.

Smart Stop & Smart Bus: It allows passengers to learn the arrival times and malfunction of the vehicles used in city transportation. The stops, buses or other means of transport are in constant interaction where the information screens are placed.

Smart Parking: This component helps to address the problem of not finding parking lot, especially in city centres. Car owners can find out which parking lots are available in the area before they reach their destination. This can reduce the number of vehicles in traffic and also eliminate the time spent on searching for a parking lot.


Video Management System: It is a component that increases security with cameras placed around the city. With SkywaveCity, data taken from all cameras can be tracked through the operations center.


Smart Waste Management: Taking into account the real-time occupancy rates of waste containers, local governments' waste collection time and collection processes can be optimized.

Meteorological Station: It gives information about locally placed sensors such as snow dept, icing sensors and etc. This information can be transmitted to citizens and local authorities through city-wide screens.

Air Quality: It provides the measurement of air quality in areas such as tunnels, underpasses and parks that require measurement of air quality locally.


City Access Points: It allows the data gathered through Smart City components to be transmitted to citizens and tourists with an appropriate presentation. Information transferred from kiosks and information screens that are placed inside buildings or at busy points can be updated centrally or be differentiated based on location.


Chronic Patient Follow-up: It provides the tracing of citizens with chronic illnesses. This component is particularly beneficial for patients who need to go to health care centers regularly for health reasons.

Panic Button: It allows citizens to reach out to the relevant health or safety units and local authorities in case of emergency. The information of the locations where the briefing is given are clearly transferred to the relevant units through the established network infrastructure.

Success Story

Türk Telekom Group offers its solutions for Kars which has a long-established history of 7 thousand years. Built on the SkywaveIoT platform, Kars Smart City project enables citizens to receive better quality services in a modern city environment.

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