İnnova received the title of “Great Place to Work”

17 Oca 2023

great place to work

Türk Telekom's information technology solutions provider company Innova was awarded the "Great Place to Work" certificate by meeting the "Great Place to Work" criteria of the Great Place to Work Institute. Innova has also registered the success of its value-creating human resources practices with this global certificate.

Türk Telekom's subsidiary İnnova was awarded the "Great Workplace Certificate" as a result of the analyzes carried out by the Great Place to Work Institute, an independent and global authority on corporate culture and employee experience. Innova, which has accomplished important works with domestic technology solutions in Turkey's digital transformation journey, has registered the success of innovative human resources practices that prioritize employee satisfaction with this title.

“Our exemplary practices will continue with the spirit of innovation”

Serdar Toraman, CEO of İnnova, said, “The basis of our company culture that we have created at İnnova is to adopt a people-oriented approach at every stage of our business and to offer a work environment that encourages our employees to develop innovative ideas and reveal their potential. Being entitled to receive the Great Place to Work certificate, which is given to companies with the best workplace culture in the world, has also confirmed the success of our value-creating HR practices that we have implemented for the happiness and career development of our employees. Our training programs for our team leaders and the talent management system we use have an important role in our having an inclusive working atmosphere that is based on trust and merit and supports open communication and professional development. We will continue to implement innovative practices that will set an example with the spirit of innovation that inspires the name of our company in order to offer the best workplace experience to our talented team that raises the bar in our industry.”

A global authority on workplace culture and employee experience, Great Place to Work applies the Trust Index survey, which it has conducted around the world for more than 30 years, to define what constitutes a "Great Workplace" experience. The analyzes of the Great Place to Work Institute are the most preferred and most comprehensive research conducted in the world in the field of corporate culture and employee experience.

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