System Integration Services

Innova presents innovative, reliable, and efficient corporate solutions and stands out with its system integrator identity.


System Integration can be defined as the smooth and efficient operation of one or more infrastructures as a single system. Innova is the reliable solution partner that provides all large-scale enterprise system integration projects from a single source to overcome the difficulties encountered in business processes, accelerate the innovation and make the required performance sustainable.


Systems integrators use various techniques, such as computer networks, enterprise application integration, business process management, and programming, to combine discrete systems into a seamlessly working single system. The crucial step to creating functional systems is the integration of many subsystems. System integration involves the integration of many existing systems with each other. The successful integration of existing systems with brand new solutions developed with Innova's expertise and experience is the most important power in creating corporate business systems that can be managed centrally, easily, and smoothly.


The role of systems integration engineers has become even more crucial in today's world. Innova System Integration Teams consisting of more than 1,000 professionals and representing Turkey's power in systems engineering. The System Integration Team work to design and develop systems that will support business processes by understanding the unique actions & usages of companies and ensuring the continuity of these systems.


Infrastructures that reduce cost and risk

Innova's role in system integration projects is to provide end-to-end and complete solutions that capture real efficiency for all corporate business processes by bringing together the most successful products in the software and hardware layers. In this way, corporate system integration and corporate performance indicators always show upwards, while costs and risks in IT operations decrease.



  • 15 years of Innova experience and expertise in the field of system integration,
  • End-to-end management of large-scale software/hardware integration projects,
  • Designing and developing IT strategies that are compatible with the business objectives of the companies,
  • Designing, developing, and implementing enterprise business integration solutions,
  • Design, development, implementation of applications (software/hardware) required by private corporate business functions,
  • Management of large-scale IT projects,
  • Monitoring the continuity of integrated systems and guaranteeing them under SLAs (Service Level Agreement).