IT Governance

With the GRC approach that dictates an IT operation that moves forward by managing risks companies are one step closer to managing performance more accurately…

GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is an IT approach that is effective throughout the world. This approach, which dictates an IT operation that is transparent and accountable and moves forward weighing risks, supports the strategies of companies managing their performance accurately and implementing risk based auditing in all their processes. On the other hand, while IT departments that associate risk and compliance gain the ability to direct employees to the right jobs, they try to make the GRC approach a standard. This is the point at which Innova comes into the picture with its consultation staff. In the scope of IT Governance, the Innova Management Systems staff assist the department in risk management and compliance with CobIT, ITIL and ISO 38500 standards.


Risks are managed more efficiently in companies that succeed in implementing the requirements of governance.


ISO 38500, which enables the contribution of IT to corporate operations to be measured, is necessary for IT governance. ISO 38500 helps IT departments position themselves in the framework they have drawn within the corporate operation. Thus IT managers can provide the greatest contribution to the work processes of the entire company rather than deal with details. At the end of the compliance process managers can calculate risks more effectively and make better decisions in critical situations.


The objective of Innova on risk management: To determine technical, administrative and physical vulnerabilities by analyzing the risk to information assets. Experts reveal the entire inventory of your company with multi faceted risk analysis work and evaluate these assets according to business goals. In general operation your company will manage risks in the most efficient way with a risk management system.

Project Management

Just like in the work processes of a company, all the work the work processes specific to IT must be considered a project. The Innova Management Systems Consultation staff goal: To increase the project management skill the company needs to succeed, to determine a project goal, to create a road map and operate the source / time management structure to assist the company in project management issues. Providing assistance in project management issues like generating the necessary reports throughout the project process Innova is always on your side for direct management of existing projects when necessary...



  • GRC/ISO 38500 compliance consultation
  • Risk management consultation
  • Project management consultation
  • CobIT compliance consultation
  • ITIL compliance consultation
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