Business Continuity Management

Put your trust in Innova for business processes that continue without disruption all the time under any conditions.

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The Innova Consultation Services form a Business Continuity Management System in the axis of “unexpected situations” and play an effective role in the entire process including determining the departments for which continuity will be provided and which will provide continuity, creating the paths and methods they will follow, making scenarios and completing preparations. The service not only does BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) for providing business continuity in all large companies that carry risk, especially the finance, telecom, logistics and public sectors but also manages the compliance process to BS 25999 / ISO 22301 standard.



  • BS 25999 / ISO 22301 consultation
  • BS 25777 / ISO 27031 consultation
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)


How should business continuity be achieved? The business continuity project should provide continuity in critical processes of the company operations, should be consistent within itself, have a structure that follows order in the other business processes and comply with international standards. The services provided in the scope of Innova’s Business Continuity Management Consultation includes comprehensive tests that enable a corporate business continuity awareness to be instilled and measures the applicability of plans. The Business Continuity Planning that needs to be updated periodically always brings forth added value and proves itself to be an effective system.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Goal:

To enable the system to recover and continue operating within an acceptable period of time in the event of a possible disruption. The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) that is formed according to this definition starts with our determining the departments that must take on duties and responsibilities to protect your organizational values and extends all the way to preparations for regulations and audits. The Business Continuity Management Consultation’s success here is correctly determining the critical business processes using experts who know corporate structure well and forming scenarios accordingly...


IT Continuity Planning (DRP)

This portion of the service involves forming Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) to maintain continuity of IT services and infrastructure in the event of a disaster in addition to general business continuity services. In the event of any disruption the service is designed to reduce the emergency decisions that need to be made to a minimum, help departments develop new methods and processes in the unexpected situation and respond to all needs concerning the applications of these to real life.


BS 25777 / ISO 27031

The BS 25777 / ISO 27031 (Information and Communication Technologies Continuity Management) standard, which enables companies to be prepared in terms of the business continuity of company technology and infrastructure affects a wide range of processes from business applications being operated with all functions to achieving performance values.


This is “strict management”

In the scope of the service, in which the compliance to the BS 25999 / ISO 22301 standard is managed, the business continuity management of the company is internalized. Using the directives that have been gathered by world expert within an international framework, continuity is achieved in all processes from production to sales and distribution channels in companies and the directives that critical departments will follow to continue operations are determined. The company will not only pass inspections with top scores with the ability to operate without interruption but will reduce the inspection preparation costs.


Business continuity management will succeed by analyzing the corporate structure well with experts who correctly determine critical business processes and develop scenarios accordingly.


Responsibility Planning With the Business Continuity Management that will enable the system to recover and begin operating within an acceptable period and reduce the damage to a minimum in the event of a disruption that can happen “despite all efforts” the work departments and individuals who will take a role in the scenarios are determined and assigned. Also enabling channels of the company like production, sales and distribution, to continue providing services and determining the directives that the critical work departments will follow in the event of extraordinary circumstances, are in the scope of this solution. Therefore if any interruptions are faced the number of emergency decisions that need to be made will be reduced to a minimum and departments will be helped to develop new methods and processes in the unexpected situation.