PayFlex Loyalty

You can develop and execute personalized customer loyalty and reward programs with PayFlex Loyalty and utilize our complete loyalty solution developed with in-house resources to increase your brand value, increase sales, and deepen your customer relationships.


You can develop and execute personalized customer loyalty and reward programs with PayFlex Loyalty and utilize our complete loyalty solution developed with in-house resources to increase your brand value, increase sales, and deepen your customer relationships. 

PayFlex Loyalty is a loyalty management system that provides customers with benefits such as points and discounts, customized offers, and rewards for their relationship with the brand. It is easily appliable in telecom, finance, insurance, retail, tourism, production, media, entertainment, health sectors.

PayFlex Loyalty increases customer wallet share, repeated customer visits, and customer satisfaction. It supports different campaign formats in line with the strategies created to maintain customer engagement and strengthen brand awareness.

PayFlex Loyalty solution provides many benefits for both brands and customers:

​​​​​Benefits to Brands

  • Increases customer loyalty and retention rate with gifts and incentive programs.
  • Increases customer lifetime value through personalized and rewarding customer experience.
  • Reduces purchasing costs with multi-channel direct marketing capabilities.
  • Increases the average order value of customers with personal recommendations and referrals. It makes it possible to realize cross and up sales.
  • Increases brand awareness, reduces customer churn rates.
  • Provides the ability to monitor and measure loyalty programs in detail.

Benefits to Customers

  • Offers privileges and advantages that make customers feel special.
  • Gives various prizes and gifts.
  • Provides a chance to earn and use points.
  • Allows meaningful interactions with the brand.
  • Provides easy access to loyalty accounts via mobile application or member portal.

 Advanced and Flexible Loyalty System

  • Encourage all channel-independent transactions. Give incentives to your customers after their purchase and lay the foundation for your loyalty program.
  • Reward the customer behavior you want. Provide your customers with incentives beyond the buying cycle and gain sustainability by rewarding any behavior you choose.
  • Customizable loyalty points. Choose your loyalty currency that best fits your brand image and start rewarding customer actions.
  • Limited-time points. Limit the point validity and create a sense of urgency in your loyalty programs. Encourage your customers to make a new purchase to avoid losing their earned points.
  • Purchase points. Allow your customers to purchase loyalty points when theirs are not enough for desired rewards.


  • Segments. Arouse long-term engagement and interaction with your customers through Segments that categorize customers based on money spent or points earned.
  • VIP clubs. Create custom segments and VIP groups for invited customers only. Ask your customers to subscribe for better rewards.
  • Surprise gifts. Give your customers unexpected gifts to connect with them on an emotional level and encourage actions.

 Campaign Management

  • Dynamic. Identify the customer journey and the benefits you will gain as a result.
  • Guaranteed ease of use. Manage effective campaigns by applying the most complex loyalty program rules with ease.


 Earn and Spend Programs

Customers earn points for the money they spend to purchase your products or services. These programs, which you can create with PayFlex Loyalty, encourage customers to make new purchases to reach new rewards.

  • Ease of Use. The principle of the earn and spend campaigns is simple: As customers buy products or services, they collect points to use. This simple principle allows customers to understand and join the program with ease.
  • Quick application. Earn and spend loyalty programs treat all customers equally, eliminate the need for additional customer segments.
  • Useful. The use of rewards in earn and spend programs is limited to the points earned and has a simple working principle.
  • High-value perception. Earn and spend programs are viewed as great deals by customers. The rewards are perceived as worth more than their actual value.


 Segment-based Programs

Customers gain access to more advantages by leveling up in segment-based programs. Attractive rewards and benefits encourage customers to spend and participate more.

  • Add value to the customer experience. Segments are associated with benefits that increase in overall value after each use. The higher the segment rank of customers, the more specialized their brand experience becomes.
  • Build long-term healthy relationships. Segment-based programs maintain customer interest for long periods. Reaching a higher segment level is perceived as a success by customers, and they feel motivated to level up.
  • Targeted experience. Segment your customer base more effectively. Analyze your members' activities and interests. Improve the experience of customers you know better and provide highly targeted communications.
  • Harness the power of behavioral science. Preventing the loss of something valuable is more important than acquiring new things. Loyalty program members strive to maintain their status as well as reach a higher rank.

 Premium Programs

Premium Programs are types of loyalty programs that benefit all members to strengthen the sense of loyalty and encourage repurchases.

  • Strengthen your brand. Making the shopping experience enjoyable makes the brand attractive, creates awareness, and facilitates the acquisition of new customers.
  • Easy management. Lean programs can be run without points, segments, and complex setups.
  • Highlight services specific to your brand. If your brand offers exclusive services that are difficult to copy by your competitors, you can highlight them with Premium programs.


Qitaf, the biggest loyalty project in the Middle East with 15 million subscribers and 2400 contracted stores, chose PayFlex Loyalty to make its customer loyalty program more efficient. This project allowed STC customers to spend their earned points without waiting to reach a certain point level, and points turned into checks.


Algerian GSM operator Ooredoo uses the PayFlex Loyalty to offer different earn-spend options to segments determined according to criteria. Ooredoo's program includes a comprehensive segmentation structure, highlights the customer segment, and offers segment-oriented campaigns and promotions.



Qatar's largest bank QNB uses PayFlex Loyalty to offer rewards for shopping with credit cards, as well as effective customer relationship management. The program, which includes both the benefits related to the use of bank products and card-based shopping, can be integrated with many channels such as online banking, POS, ATM, SMS, CRM, and mobile.


BankMed, one of the leading banks in the Middle East and Lebanon, uses PayFlex to offer a multi-country loyalty program. The Azadea Gift Card, which launched at the beginning of 2012 with the partnership of BankMed and Azadea Group, is an application used in Azadea's 453 stores in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan. The BankMed loyalty program currently offers the opportunity to earn and spend in stores of 20 brands.



Viva Bahrain, which has 135 thousand subscribers and 300 contracted stores, has been using the point payment feature of the Payflex Loyalty platform since 2014. Viva Bahrain adds value to the customer experience by allowing its customers to use their earned points instead of money in their shopping.


The loyalty program launched in 2005 with PayFlex Loyalty for Petrol Ofisi, one of the largest companies in Turkey, provides many advantages to individual customers. The PO Card program allows customers to manage their loyalty accounts, get discounts at stations, earn points for their fuel purchases, and spend the earned points at gas stations. Corporate customers, on the other hand, are offered the opportunity to purchase free fuel for their vehicles and fleets from stations with the automation system, with vehicle or product-based restrictions and limitations.



Türk Telekom provides different opportunities to its customers with dynamic campaigns by creating integrations with various institutions on the same day for more than 44 million subscribers.


Türk Telekom offers dynamic campaigns and various opportunities for more than 16 million subscribers with this project. PayFlex Loyalty allows corporate integrations and the creation of campaigns within the same day. Türk Telekom subscribers can access their campaign passwords and benefit from advantages with inquiries made using only phone numbers. 



The loyalty project, which includes the “Redemption” and “Reversal” loyalty flows of STC Bahrain, the largest GSM operator in the Middle East, was realized with PayFlex Loyalty. All processes such as partner integrations, operation, and management of partner loyalty flows were carried out within the scope of this project.


Mercedes rewards points to dealer employees on both sales and service transactions with PayFlex Loyalty. Employees are leveling according to their sales performance and ranking among themselves. They can load the points they earn on their loyalty cards over Multinet and use them for their purchases.


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