Service quality management tool with automatic optimization capabilities

NOVA’s TM Forum TAM-compliant functions help monitor and measure internet service quality automatically to improve service quality.

NOVA provides a high-quality service experience and reliability while increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing operational costs by optimizing user internet bandwidth automatically.


Measurable Service Quality

Nowadays, fast and reliable services are expected from internet providers. Increasing demand for digital needs such as video conferencing and desktop sharing may result in problems that reduce the quality of internet service. 

Keeping connection speed and quality at the expected level is a criterion for internet service providers that should be monitored and improved at all times. NOVA monitors and measures more than 100 network parameters and helps to keep service quality intact and prevent SLA violations. 


NOVA calculates industry-wide recognized KPIs, compares them with threshold values with the parameters it measures, and determines the quality level of copper and fiber lines. The tool detects various errors and faults that impact the internet service quality and provides teams with insights that help respond more quickly and effectively about the fault codes. 

NOVA diagnoses the root causes of the faults and errors and helps decrease them by providing recommendations. Instant tests you can run on ports help teams to set eyes on the current internet service status and test its quality.


Aside from measuring line quality, NOVA automatically provides the best service quality and connection speed available on the infrastructure with its speed optimization feature. With this, it automates customer satisfaction specific to service quality. 

On the other hand, it provides recommendations about the devices’ capacities in the field and helps better optimize device capacity.


  • Periodical and Instant Data Collection
  • Vendor-independent
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Topology Tree
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