Unified Communications Solutions

Innova saves time and money with Integrated Communication Solutions.


The Integrated Communication Solutions provided by Innova are divided into the three headings of Audio/Video/Web Conference, IP Telephone and Telepresence. The main objective of these solutions can be summarized as providing voice, instant message and video call ability over an existing or to be installed data communication network.


With Voice over IP technology audio and video can be transformed to data packages and transmitted over the internet. The developing internet infrastructure enables users to make easy and affordable telephone and video calls wherever there is an internet connection.


Companies can use the web conference technology to achieve easy face-to-face communication with their customers.



  • The same hardware can be used for many years with only software updates.
  • With only simple software upgrade direct access to new features and technologies can be achieved.
  • The standards that are used eliminate producer dependency with servers, storage systems and protocols and provide access to better technologies at more affordable prices.
  • 24/7 intervention and system continuity with Innova’s expertise.