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Developed by Innova for Internet Service Providers (ISS), the NOVA solution improves the quality of broadband and fiber connectivity services, provides improvement with line optimization, and enables continuous customer satisfaction by minimizing revenue losses. Equipped with comprehensive visual analysis and reporting features, NOVA works compatibly with various vendors' hardware components.

NOVA can collect XDSL and FTTH service performance data from various DSLAM and GPON devices. Besides, it provides the chance to instantly monitor the health and service status of copper and fiber infrastructures covering more than 100 parameters.

NOVA optimizes the broadband connection of each internet user in line with the pre-determined rules. In this way, every subscriber will reach the highest possible connection speed, and high experience quality is guaranteed.


High speed: Internet users need high speed when exploring the web, viewing high definition multimedia over IPTV, or using Over-the-Top (OTT) media services. Video conferencing, screen sharing, and multimedia transmissions over the cloud also require high connection speeds.

Reliable internet connection: Having service disruptions, or even worse, having them regularly is disturbing, because it prevents our devices to exchange data with the outside world.

Quality of experience: It is another critical issue, and service providers who aim to provide high experience quality face the following limitations today:

  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Configuration and Parameter Selection
  • Line management


    • Vendor independent: NOVA solution works with Alcatel, Huawei ZTE, Nokia, and Ericsson devices. NOVA ends dependence on vendor locked solutions.
    • Central management panel: Customizable dashboards offered regardless of network type (copper or fiber) provide an enhanced monitoring experience.
    • Error Detection: Detects problems, makes it possible to apply SELT, DELT, and MELT tests.
    • Best Possible Customer Experience: Calculates KPIs designed with ITU G.992x, G.994, G.993, G.984 standards and optimizes bandwidths accordingly.
    • Integration: Integrates with inventory management tools and provides device topology. Enables implementing emergency procedures efficiently.
    • Reporting: Provides scheduled and detailed reporting.


    Central Data Collection and Management

    • Data collection from ZTE, Huawei, and Alcatel DSLAM devices
    • Data collection from OLT and ONT level Huawei, Nokia, and Ericsson GPON devices
    • Intelligent data collection algorithm and customizable collection intervals

    Inventory Management and Network Topology

    • Integrates with inventory management systems
    • Allows monitoring devices on the map
    • Enables the visibility of passive devices such as splitters in fiber topology


    Service Quality Analysis and Reporting

    NOVA offers the following customizable key performance indicators for copper infrastructures:

    • Stability
    • Line performance
    • Loop length estimation
    • Bandwidth estimation
    • Resync estimation

    NOVA offers the following customizable key performance indicators for fiber infrastructures:

    • Status Quality
    • Signal level
    • Laser level
    • Stability


        Error Detection

        NOVA offers the following error detection features for copper infrastructures:

        • Cross talk
        • Port issues
        • High resynchronization errors
        • Frequent disconnection
        • Abnormal weakening
        • Abnormal noise margin

        NOVA offers the following error detection features for copper infrastructures:

        • Physical malfunctions (bent or folded cables)
        • Optical cable breakage
        • UPC / APC contact
        • Noise at adapter connection


        Test on demand

        NOVA offers the following testing capabilities:
        SELT. Single-Ended Line Test
        DELT. Double-Ended Line Test
        MELT. Metallic Line Test

        Dynamic Line Management and Optimization

        Determining the ideal parameters for each copper line is the way to provide the highest satisfaction to subscribers. Dynamic line management automatically reconfigures the lines, ensuring that each subscriber has the ideal profile to make the most of the service they receive. The dynamic line management feature increases and decreases the connection speed and makes horizontal profile changes without needing any human intervention.

        NOVA offers tips for optimum use by comparing the card and passive optical network utilization rates it gathers from inventory management systems.