Cisco Meraki

Innova offers companies highly secure, sustainable, uninterrupted, and autonomous network infrastructures that are manageable remotely with Cisco Meraki solutions.

It has become an inevitable necessity for companies to improve their network infrastructures with new generation solutions due to the continuous acceleration of devices, the increase in the size of the transferred data, the number of users, and customers' demands. Taking companies beyond the age with end-to-end technologies, Innova offers the devices of the next generation cloud-based Cisco Meraki network solutions, undertakes their installation and maintenance to prepare the network infrastructures of large and small companies for the future.

High Network Visibility with Cisco Meraki

The cloud-based Cisco Meraki enables companies to manage network and application services from a single center with a user-friendly interface. The Meraki product family includes many network products such as wireless LANs, security units, switches, and mobility management.

Cisco Meraki makes it possible for companies to manage networked devices over the cloud with ease. Meraki products provide high network visibility to large companies, while SMBs can monitor unauthorized access to web pages and perform content auditing.

Cisco Meraki with Innova

Innova determines the needs of the organizations on-site and offers the most accurate solutions at the most reasonable prices.

What Cisco Meraki Brings to Your Business?

The Cisco Meraki family consists of highly engineered products, each customized to perform a different networking task:

  Wireless LANs
Cisco Meraki access points utilize CMX technology to enable real-time tracking of visitor and user actions in networks without creating additional costs. The data collected through the APs are displayed on the user interface in real-time, and it is possible to perform fundamental network-related analysis with Meraki's cloud infrastructure.

Cisco Meraki MX's rich network services offer enterprises more functionality with fewer devices; It enables high-quality network infrastructures with a small number of security devices. Each network security device has advanced security functions such as next-generation firewall, content filtering, integrated IPS, and WAN optimization to protect corporate networks.

The cloud-powered solution is easy to install and remotely manageable. In addition to these advantages, it is as reliable as on-prem solutions. Users can inspect and control the access points they want from anywhere with Meraki's user-friendly interface. 

Cisco Meraki Managed Services combine the benefits of cloud-based centralized management with reliable switch structures. Instant configuration and monitoring of thousands of switch ports are possible via a web portal.

 Enterprise Mobility Management  
Cisco Meraki offers an end-to-end Enterprise Mobility Management solution that includes MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management), MCM (Mobile Content Management), and identity management.

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