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The control center of your technology infrastructure achieves fully automated processes with Innova solutions, and your service quality increases as a result.


Let us automate your routine processes and management, and you spend your time on improving your business…


IT Management solutions make it easier for IT administrators to respond more quickly to the demands of their business units. These solutions can be adapted to organizations of all sizes with Innova's experience in end-to-end solutions, and aim for the IT unit to catch up with international standards and help institutions to achieve the highest efficiency.


Brand independent, solution-oriented

Innova transforms the products of the world's leading IT Management and Optimization brands into solutions in line with customer needs and offers many solutions from Application Development Lifecycle Management (HP ALM) to System and Database management. These solutions simplify IT management and enable it to achieve a more efficient operational structure. Automated routine tasks and simplified management ease the workload of the IT department and allow them to focus on more crucial tasks.


End-to-end IT management with Innova

IT managers, whose work has become more difficult due to the increased workload compared to previous years, need automated processes with more flexible solutions to respond to needs. IT managers must respond quickly to process improvement and change requests from business units while keeping up with technological advancements and managing the growing IT infrastructure. Innova IT Management Solutions offer all the benefits IT managers need to simplify their work and quickly respond to the demands of all business units.



  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • System and Database Management
  • Server Management
  • Application Management (HP ALM)
  • Security Management
  • Identity Management
  • Asset Management
  • Network Management
  • Service Management

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Project & Portfolio Management

Decisions taken by the management may affect the entire organization and may create radical changes in business processes. The objective of IT Management solutions is to create an environment where investment plans, new project decisions, and existing projects can be managed from a single center and reported with ease. Thus, the workloads of the managers are reduced, and they can make better strategic decisions.


This solution covers two different functions, project tracking, and portfolio management. Monitoring of critical processes and project costs, optimization of resource usage is centrally performed in project follow-up. It is ensured to monitor the general status of the projects managed interdependently within a program. In this way, possible delays can be foreseen.


In case of resource problems in existing projects, not accepting new project requests may be the best move. The Portfolio Management Solution, which can calculate the return on investment (ROI) in existing projects, detects the deviations that may happen and ensures that the decision to stop/accept the project can be taken immediately. This service is excluded from the software adaptation processes carried out considering your needs. Innova offers you a valuable resource for project management and is always supports you with its certified team on the best products in the field. 


Identity Management

As businesses grow, user accounts are likely to spiral out of control, making identity management more critical. Identity management includes all processes such as determining authorizations, setting restrictions by the user, verifying users, and auditing their authorizations. Innova offers this service with the best-in-class products, Oracle Identity Management and Microsoft Active Directory.


Asset Management

This solution, which completely covers the management of IT assets, ensures the efficient use and protection of IT resources while ensuring security. Asset management, which has a wide range of domains from servers to desktop computers, from corporate mobile devices to operating systems, from network devices to business software, is a critical tool that provides the return of all these resources to the organization as profit.


Network Management

All stages from connecting computers and devices to the implementation of the wireless data transfer system are under the control of Innova. Network Access Control ensures that the servers are included in the network securely and controlled manner by examining their compliance with the determined criteria. Consequently, suspicious people are prevented from connecting to the corporate network, and the associated risks are reduced. VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure connection to company resources over the internet. The primary purpose here is to support the time savings gained by mobile office applications with a secure connection.


Server Management

The infrastructure that provides the processing power necessary for the operation of the applications is vital for business continuity. Having competent service support after the completion of the project is as important as high performance and efficiency. Innova solutions stand out especially for application continuity with the features such as high availability, redundancy, and performance.


Application Management

The Application Development Lifecycle Management solution ensures that the quality level of the application layer of IT projects is kept high. Bridging project management and business units are the hallmarks of the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This solution ensures that in-house applications always run smoothly and highly contribute to business processes with this solution.


Innova's goal with Application Development Lifecycle Management is to ensure that all applications used in your organization are evaluated in terms of functionality, performance, security, and work in a way that contributes to productivity. This solution provides the maximum benefit in the entire process, from launching applications to their complete removal. All processes in the system and network infrastructure on which patches, updates, plug-ins, and applications run are managed from a single point. Innova's consultant team provides full support in all processes of the application development lifecycle.


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Security Management

The Security Management solution is directly related to many topics such as identity management, network, and server management. It manages detecting and preventing unauthorized access, operating, auditing, reporting security processes, and eliminating the security vulnerabilities detected in applications with various tools such as security tools, software, and antiviruses. The subject of Security Management is related to many processes.  Information Security consultancy within Innova Consulting Services also stands out as a service that complements the Information Management solution in this process.


System and Database Management

Innova DBA (Database Administrator) team consists of database experts and system administrators and implements the professional services you need in an ideal way. The critical processes that require expertise to be performed on your corporate information, such as database and application server support, patching, backup strategies, database recovery, and performance analysis and optimizations, are performed by the most competent experts in the field.


The essential features of database systems scalability, flexibility, manageability, security, and performance only can be realized with effective and sustainable database management strategies, tools, and experience. Innova's expert Database Administrator (DBA) team not only manages your systems but also examines the problems, prepares queries, offers solutions, and presents them to you as a report. Innova experts always aim to solve problems as soon as possible by using remote connections and on-site support methods.



  • 24/7 support
  • Installing database and application patches
  • Application version upgrades
  • Monitoring performances and solving problems
  • Planning, implementation, and control of backup and recovery scenarios
  • Ensuring security
  • Controlling physical disk growth
  • Storage capacity planning
  • Determining hardware needs
  • Performing cloning operations
  • Increasing the knowledge and experience of employees with technical support documents


Proving its competence with the "Partner Center of Expertise" certificate of SAP AG, Innova ensures that your systems always serve in a secure and high-performance manner with its efficient and sustainable SAP Basis system management strategies, tools, and experience. Innova SAP Basis team also quickly and effectively solves all problems and needs alongside system management.



Service Management

It is a must to manage the service effectively especially in companies with thousands of employees. Developed for the IT teams that receive hundreds of calls every day to provide efficient service, this solution streamlines incoming calls, classifies problems and requests. The IT team works by creating the work plan according to the classified task list. In addition to the effective use of IT's time and workforce resources, it is ensured that problems are resolved much faster, and employees wait for less for a fix. The data obtained with this management solution can be used as source data for corporate performance evaluations.


Innova offers IT Management solutions with a brand-independent approach. Specific solutions are designed by selecting the products suitable for the customer's needs.



While IT managers try to make decisions about new projects and investments, they also spend time and effort running the current operation smoothly. IT Management, which automates the operation management in a centralized structure, undertakes this requirement, especially in large-scale structures.


Major infrastructure transformation

Technology infrastructure investment has always been regarded important. Since the ROI depends on many parameters, such as the products used and the quality of the solution, issues such as security and reliability increase the need for a reliable solution provider. Innova has been providing end-to-end infrastructure solutions to hundreds of customers from every sector for years and gives confidence with its competent provider identity at every stage, from preliminary analysis to solution design, from implementation to continuous support.

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International standards

The primary advantage of Innova IT solutions is that they are end-to-end solutions that comply with international standards. Innova can offer complete solutions to organizations of all sizes that support the ITIL, CobIT, BS 25999, ISO 27001, ISO 20000 standards that are valid around the globe. Besides offering solutions in strategy, implementation, and operation, Innova supports the transition process not only with its product-oriented approach but also with its process consultancy services.


Complete solution covering all needs

IT Management solutions components are designed to respond effectively to different needs in the process. These solutions complete all tasks quickly and error-free, fulfilling all the tasks undertaken by your IT management team today.



  • Less workload: Automated tasks take over different processes of IT management, enabling employees to work more focused.

  • Immediate response: Solutions reduce wait times by responding quickly to business process improvement and regulatory change requests, and other issue records.

  • Compliance with standards: IT Management complies with all international standards that solutions in this field must provide: ITIL, CobIT, BS 25999, ISO 27001, ISO 20000

  • Consulting: Innova provides the highest contribution to facilitating the entire transition with the process consultancy service it offers alongside these solutions.


Teknosa is one of the largest technology store chains in Turkey with its more than 220 stores spread all over the country and nearly 3000 employees. They needed a solid IT service infrastructure to ensure high customer satisfaction and carry out transactions without interruptions. The infrastructure project carried out by Innova enabled the IT service demands of in-house employees to be more organized and long-term solutions for IT service management to be developed.



TOFAŞ Türk A.Ş. is one of the most established automotive companies in Turkey with a history of 40 years. Having an annual production capacity of 400 thousand units, TOFAŞ is among the largest enterprises in Turkey, with a turnover of 4,79 million TL. For the fully automated production lines to work uninterruptedly, TOFAŞ needed the IT infrastructure to run smoothly and potential problems to be reported to the relevant professionals immediately. The company started to use HP Software solutions with the consultancy of Innova for the consolidation and management of the information technology infrastructure.



TTNET unified all its IT operations on a single center with the HP IT Performance Suite (ITPS) as a part of the Service Excellence program. Innova has implemented a new reporting project that supports IT operations and strategic decision-making processes at the senior management level with two new HP products.



Türk Telekom can offer dynamic campaigns and various opportunities for its more than 16 million subscribers with the project realized using the PayFlex Loyalty product. The solution enables corporate integrations and campaign creations within the same day. With inquiries made using only phone numbers, customers can access their campaign passwords and benefit from many advantages.





Türk Telekom Network Node Manager, Network Automation

Network devices in all Türk Telekom buildings in Turkey were monitored and managed from a single center.



Halkbank Network Node Manager

Nearly 3000 active network devices installed in all branches and regional directorates of Halkbank can be monitored and managed centrally.



Bank Asya Business Service Manager

The business services management project, which aims to monitor the application performance and status of business processes, identify software errors based on code, and provide monitoring through a single console, was successfully completed.


TTNET Business Technology Optimization

All processes were overhauled to manage the information technology environment end-to-end in compliance with ITIL.



Vakıfbank Operations Manager, Network Node Manager

A system and network management project covering network, server, and application monitoring and error management was implemented.




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