Innova ARENA workforce management solution helps service providers manage their resources and field teams in the most effective way. Acting as a central management platform to ensure the highest efficiency of workforce and talents, ARENA provides instant tracking and field team management capabilities with accurate information via its web and mobile applications.

Teams, Employees, and Tasks

Effective field team management is critical for the business continuity of the service providers. As the service network expands, planning, managing, and reporting operations become more and more complex. ARENA provides companies with a competitive advantage by executing processes such as monitoring the current workloads of teams operating in the field, assigning their future tasks, dispatching them quickly for emergencies, all in an effective singular structure.


Efficient Use of Resources with a Single Solution

ARENA gathers all field tasks managed through different applications in most organizations under a single solution, which enables central management of customer appointments, workforce density, suitability, and competency of teams, simplifies field management, and increases the operational efficiency of businesses. ARENA can work integrated with ERP systems or completely standalone, ensures that the tasks are automatically assigned to the most suitable teams.

No More Disarray

With ARENA, companies are not required to make extra IT investment. It enables them to have an end-to-end workforce management system that is technically and economically efficient.

What capabilities does ARENA bring to businesses?

  • Centralized workforce management with a single solution
  • Monitoring workforce and resources with up-to-date and accurate data
  • Performance management 
  • Making the most of the employee talent
  • Instant tracking, dispatch, and management of field teams with the mobile application support
  • Agenda management to ensure the coordination of the workloads
  • Tasks are quickly completed by the nearest teams to the service locations
  • Minimizing service and response times
  • Appointment based system significantly increases customer satisfaction

 Workforce Inventory

Workforce Inventory is one of the main components of ARENA, and offers Organization Management, Working Hours Management, and Leave Management tools integrated with existing ERP systems or independently. Companies can use the existing connections in their organizational structure from their present systems where these are already defined or create this structure on ARENA. Also, it is possible to obtain parameters such as working hours and leave days of the employees from the existing systems, or these also can be defined on ARENA.

Authorized users can define teams and team types, capabilities, areas of responsibility, service types, technical service types, and work order types, associate them with each other and update them when necessary, using Organizational Compatible Team Management. It is easy to perform complex tasks such as creating teams with employees from different departments, solution partners, and contractors with ARENA's Advanced Team Management features.

The Organization-Based Employee Management feature of ARENA offers micro-scale management. The solution makes it possible to assign employees to other teams on a temporarily or task-based basis for planned or instant needs. Moreover, activity assignments such as meetings, training, and travels are easily managed on ARENA.

 Work Order Management

ARENA's unique Dynamic Business Management feature offers flexible and parametric management freedom for different industries, service types, and business types and requires no additional development efforts. Therefore, all kinds of work orders can be defined in the system and included in the processes. ARENA is designed using dynamic infrastructure components and offers work order description, work order screen design, work order categorization, worklist design, rule-based work assignment, and flexible integration structure.

Authorized users can define new parameters, select fixed attributes, add, update and delete changed attributes while setting the work order format. In addition, data type, data constraints, display properties, and XML message structures can be set.

Arena uses Innova's highly engineered Dynamic System Integration Management to communicate with embedded systems over the Standard Messaging Interface. Therefore, the message structure can be easily changed and updated on the UI without requiring developer intervention, additional development, or updates. Offering JMS and Web Service integration points such as WorkorderRequest, WorkorderApproval, Rollback to external systems, ARENA also automatically performs structural verification of messages sent from these systems.

 Smart Task Assignment

ARENA is also flexible in terms of managing job assignment rules. The Automatic Task Assignment feature works according to parametrically defined rule sets and ensures that tasks are always assigned to the most suitable teams.

By automatically performing many complex processes during task assignments, the Rules Engine automatically detects and controls the appropriate teams for a task, defined areas of responsibility, capabilities, timelines, and more. ARENA also offers a manual job assignment feature. This feature makes it possible to assign jobs to the selected teams or transfer them from one to another.

 Agenda and Appointment Management

This feature handles operations on a central appointment system and updates the team agendas automatically to provide higher quality service for the customers. Companies can plan and perform accurately enough to give slot-based appointments to their customers while minimizing errors and time loss associated with manual assignments.

The appointment management component can perform the following tasks, either integrated with Customer Relationship Management systems or independently:

  • Assign and manage appointment tasks
  • Task management without an appointment
  • Recording task details such as service type, priority level, and location
  • Identifying the most suitable teams for the assignment with the rule engine
  • Viewing team agendas
  • Deciding on the appropriate and preferred time frame for tasks
  • Assigning tasks to the teams for defined time frames

Appointment management in ARENA is an easy, fast, and accurate process. The system prevents common mistakes such as assigning tasks to non-eligible teams and making repetitive assignments.

An agenda module is an optimized tool for the correct and complete operation of the appointment system, facilitating the work-life of both the assigners and the assigned professionals. Users can arrange agendas according to their authorization level, and allow the management of daily, weekly, and monthly working hours, activities, vacation days, and holidays.

Managers can also easily see the availability of the teams for a task in terms of time, location, abilities, and business rules; track the workload of the desired teams and transfer tasks to others when considered necessary. Being able to do all these per existing data defined in the system saves time for companies.

ARENA uses the priority task assignment and maximum response times rules by task type to provide an advantage for service providers to comply with obligations required by service level agreements (SLA). This module allows managers to parametrically define data such as work times, work order type, work order subtype, working hours, and national holidays. It also offers flexibility to assign a new task to the team for the remaining time from their previous assignment if it's completed before the scheduled time.

 Effective Field Management

ARENA’s efficient field management approach divides the field into areas and region-based sections, helps institutions to complete work orders at ease and right on time. ARENA automatically assigns work orders to the most appropriate team within the zone based on rules. Supervisors responsible for work areas manage the field most effectively with ARENA's user-friendly interfaces.

The Dispatcher Site Management Screen consists of the following components:

  • Gantt view
  • Job tracking on the map
  • SLA expired work orders
  • Idle work orders
  • Workload on teams

 Mobile Application
The mobile application is an integral part of ARENA's approach, and it allows field teams to follow the assigned tasks in real-time. The mobile application can work offline and makes it possible to monitor the assignments even in cases where internet access is interrupted.

The mobile application enables mobile teams to follow their assignments most quickly and easily with the following features:

  • Task list and work order inquiry
  • Calendar and appointment viewing
  • Close, transfer and update completed jobs
  • Receive instant work order and announcement alerts

ARENA mobile application eliminates the need for field teams to return to the centre between their assignments and makes it easier for central units to track the field teams. In addition to tracking work orders in real-time, the elimination of paper documents also increases the efficiency of the teams.

ARENA works integrated with geographic information systems to track field teams and remote office workers in real-time on the map. Moreover, it makes it possible to give directions to the mobile service teams from the office.

Geographical information systems support allows administrators to: 

  • See teams and tasks on the map with their current statuses
  • Automatically display work orders according to their geographical locations
  • Describe routes on the map if needed
  • Use the location of the task as an assignment criterion
  • Filter to see teams on the map according to specified criteria such as team type and job location

 Statistics and Reporting

ARENA ensures the information obtained from the system, especially employee and team performances, are easily compiled and converted into meaningful reports.

This module enables organizations to make macro and micro-decisions in the light of data. It generates important information from the variables of past period data, changing workload parameters, leaves, holidays, and activities. Some of the information the system can generate are as follows:

  • Rates of teams completing appointments
  • Total hours of work completed by the workforce versus working hours
  • Workload forecasting
  • Resource planning

Technological Capabilities and Modules

  • Web-based application
    • Vaadin UI, Angula JS  
  • Mobile app support
    • React Native 
    • Android, IOS 
  • Java technologies
  • Flexible management with the rule engine
  • Easy integration
  • Geolocation and navigation support
  • Web-based work order design tool
  • Scalable system structure
  • A flexible and customizable structure
  • High level of operability
  • Offline functions
  • Digital communication instead of printed forms
  • Visual work order design 

    Success Story

    ARENA is used by Türk Telekom's field teams in 81 provinces since 2012 and manages over 3.5 million monthly work orders smoothly and effectively. ARENA continues to make the lives of approximately 15 thousand users easier thanks to its easy integration with enterprise systems, ability to respond quickly to different needs with its flexible rule engine, and the advantages of modern mobile technologies.

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