Smart Cities

SkywaveIoT has already been deployed in smart city solutions.

The current global rate of urbanisation is 50% and is expected to increase to 60% by 2025, and 70% by 2050. Nevertheless, it is not possible to go through such a huge transformation by relying only on traditional instruments and methods of governance. Nowadays, only those, who invest in smart solutions shaped by cutting-edge technology can conquer new challenges in traffic management, transportation, security, energy and health. Instead of relying on self-contained solutions, cities are increasingly turning to integrated options that improve the effectiveness of each element by sharing knowledge and thus creating more liveable cities and quicker returns on investment.


Imagine a city that can solve problems before they happen

Innova’s SkywaveIoT platform makes it possible to monitor the needs of a city and its residents continuously through an Internet of Things infrastructure. The system can detect problems and take remedial action thanks to analytical processes that work behind the scenes to detect the difficulty even before it arises. Smart cities that embrace to integrate SkywaveIoT, gain access to a technological infrastructure capable of fulfilling various solutions, whether this be in managing traffic, healthcare services, saving energy or in any otherblic services. Everything can be handled by a central system that can make a city more liveable, while bringing significant economic and environmental benefits.

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