Intensive care units are racing against time. Processes must be carried out quickly, easily, accurately, and flexibly. HICAMP ARC, the web-based Intensive Care Expert System developed by Innova, offers advanced features to evaluate patient data and significantly reduces the documentation workload. HICAMP ARC “Monitors Life” by working integrated with all intensive treatment devices, effectively monitoring patient data, and rapidly providing accurate data to healthcare professionals.

The primary goal of the intensive care units is to provide the patients with the most accurate treatment in the shortest time possible. However, there are challenging processes in front of reaching this goal. These challenges require a solution that will reduce the documentation workload, enable effective use of patient data, and provide healthcare professionals with access and remote monitoring regardless of their location.

HICAMP ARC is an intensive care system,

  • which is developed by İnnova with 100% in-house resources,
  • is compatible with compatible with the EMRAM model for HIMSS levels 6 and 7,
  • accredited according to the Health Ministry’s YBBS criteria,
  • and responds to advanced requirements of the City Hospitals in Ankara and Mersin, which are some of Turkey's most prominent healthcare facilities.


  • The Clinical Dashboard feature allows the data of all patients treated in the selected intensive care clinic on the system to be viewed collectively.
  • All patient data and patient-specific analyzes can be viewed on the Patient Information Screens.
  • Physicians can create treatment and care plans for patients and assign tasks to healthcare professionals accordingly.
  • Monitoring rules can be created according to the selected treatment plan. Users are notified through SMS, e-mail, and information messages when unexpected data occurs.
  • Patient data can be monitored instantly from anywhere via the mobile application. Healthcare professionals can follow the patient's vital information from the screen without visiting the patient.
  • Procedures within the current treatment plan such as examination, treatment, consultation, surgery, and order can be tracked on a process-based timeline.
  • Physicians can easily manage patient visits, patient history, comparison of patient results, scale and scoring, care, and treatment plans on a user-friendly interface.
  • HICAMP ARC meets all the software needs of intensive care units with a single application and can work integrated with other applications.



  • Minimizes the documentation workload in intensive care units.
  • Increases the traceability of patients by providing an electronic recording of data generated by medical devices in intensive care units.
  • Increases the accessibility of patient data with web-based interface and mobile application.
  • Reduces manual operations with automatic scoring and scale calculations.
  • Tele ICU enables multiple clinics to be managed from a single point and overcomes the shortcomings of the insufficient number of specialists in intensive care units.
  • Tracking treatment plans increase the effectiveness of treatments and shorten discharge times.
  • Reduces mortality rate with the early warning algorithms.
  • Increases the success of treatment by creating an early warning for sepsis diagnosis with artificial intelligence.
  • Increases the treatment effectiveness with the decision support module that allows the creation of different algorithms and pathways.


  • Device-independent integration layer
  • Real-time communication
  • Architecture that minimizes the risk of data loss
  • Access from different platforms
  • Treatment Plans: Physicians can create treatment and care plans for patients and assign tasks to nurses accordingly. Physicians can also create General Treatment Templates and selectively apply these templates to patients.
  • Monitoring Rules: When the system detects data other than the monitoring rules created according to the selected treatment plan, it automatically informs the relevant healthcare professionals via SMS, emails, and system messages.
  • Scale and Score Calculations: The system automatically calculates Scale and Score in the treatment plan.


  • Clinic Panel: All intensive care patients can be viewed on a single screen and sorted by criteria such as name, bed, hospitalization date.
  • Patient Information Panel: Selected patient's vital data from last 2 hours and patient-specific analyzes are automatically loaded on the Patient Information Panel screen.
  • Instant Monitoring: All data collected from devices about patients can be monitored in real-time.
  • Treatment History: Examinations, consultations, surgery, medication orders, and similar procedures performed within the scope of the patient's current treatment can be tracked on a process-based calendar.
  • Timeline: All patient data can be analyzed comparatively on the timeline, by zooming in and out, down to seconds.
  • Data Analysis and Statistics: The system also provides statistical reports for monitoring the general process such as treatment plan implementation, medication orders, and bed occupancy rates, in addition to the data analysis capabilities offered for patient data.


  • Decision Support System & Sepsis Prediction: The system has the feature of creating dynamic rules based on patient, device, scale-score, examination, analysis, and similar data. Pathway identification provides the opportunity to determine actions and generate alerts according to pathways. The AI-based prediction model warns healthcare professionals about early diagnosis of Sepsis. 


  • Web, Mobile, and Clinic Interfaces: It allows users to work location independently with interfaces designed for different client types. Compatible for TeleICU working scenarios.


  • Integrated with HIMS Processes: HICAMP ARC offers a single application for the management of both intensive care-specific and related clinical processes. It works integrated with HIMS for diagnosis, analysis, procedure, medication order, venesection, anamnesis, epicrisis, and similar processes.


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