Having  already played an active role in the digital transformation of many institutions from almost every industry, Innova now provides its software-based solutions and information technology (IT) integration knowledge to the benefit of hundreds of thousands of users with its hospital-specific solutions. Innova offers solutions that  demonstrably meet the unique needs of hospitals.


What is HICAMP?

The HICAMP (Health Integrated Campus) is a sophisticated and integrated platform that supports all processes that play a role in the safe and uninterrupted operation of healthcare facilities in which complex services are provided. Not only administrative and clinical processes, but all processes -from cleaning services to waste management, laundry services, and security services- can easily be managed by the integrated structure of HICAMP.

How does HICAMP differ from standard HIMSs?

The HICAMP Solution Platform is equipped with capabilities beyond standard HIMS (Hospital Information Management System) features. Standard HIMS solutions help manage the administrative and clinical processes of a single hospital.  Adopting a patient-oriented approach, patient safety, and quality, Innova offers HICAMP to the healthcare industry as a new service with innovative and enriched content, differentiating itself from conventional approach.


HICAMP also provides a new-generation Hospital Information Management Platform Service with distinctive access tools such as web-based infrastructure and user-friendly interfaces, middleware that manages integrations, integrated reporting tools, mobile products, kiosks, and indoor information systems.

With HICAMP, Innova offers end-to-end turnkey services to hospitals. Hospitals are supported by expert teams not only during project design phase, but also through installation, deployment and operation. Below are our integrated services that are specific to hospitals.



Innova can be included in projects while hospitals are still in the construction phase. Resource Planning and Management Design, IT Capacity Planning, and Process Design of the IT services required by hospitals are provided by Innova’s teams of experts. Construction, installation and operation of a data center in accordance with  international standards are also among the competence areas of Innova. In addition, Innova can provide all the system, hardware and security infrastructure of hospitals, as well as the clinical and administrative applications to run these systems and user devices on which these applications work.



Innova offers HICAMP HIMS - a modular hospital information management system that can be shaped according to the specific needs of hospitals. HICAMP HIMS is a software platform in which all required sub-modules and components can operate together in an integrated manner. HICAMP HIMS contains several clinical and administrative modules.

HICAMP HIMS is developed to offer a brand-new experience to users, differentiating from the traditional understanding of HIMS.


Advanced Architecture: With HICAMP HIMS -a 100% web-based hospital information management system- Innova offers an easy-to-use platform with robust infrastructure. Users can access HICAMP HIMS simply through a web browser, without the need for to install specialist software, from any office computers. All users receive updates simultaneously. Users can access the information generated at the hospital in accordance with their authorization level in a highly secure environment, regardless of location.

Mobile Application Infrastructure: For patients at departments of hospitals such as Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Inpatient, etc., appropriate application of the right dose of medication to the right patient by the right personnel is critical. With the mobile solutions of HICAMP, information about the delivery staff that receive the medication from the hospital pharmacy, the healthcare personnel who gets it from the delivery staff, the nurse who applies it to the patient, and the information on the patient bracelet are matched with the QR code on the medication. Thus, end-to-end safety is ensured in the application of medications.

Scalable Structure: Thanks to its scalable and flexible structure, HICAMP HIMS can be easily adapted to hospitals of various scales.

Fast Adaptation: The unique structure of HICAMP HIMS offers fast adaptation to additions and modifications in healthcare campuses or city hospitals. The hardware and software infrastructure required for a potential future addition of a hospital or clinic is readily available from the planning phase, thanks to HICAMP.

Advanced Orchestration: A critical aspect in the effective management of hospitals of various sizes is the ability to make sure that all components operate on a single platform and are brought together and controlled under a centralized framework. HICAMP ensures that services provided by separate institutions are integrated and compatible with the system through the use of  middleware.

Sustainable and Uninterrupted Service: The architectural structure of HICAMP provides sustainable and uninterrupted serviceto ensure business continuity.

Compliance with Legislative Amendments: HICAMP fully complies with the relevant legislations, including the Protection of Personal Data Act. Innova ensures that the system is always up-to-date and compliant with the relevant legislation, by closely and continuously monitoring healthcare legislations and performing relevant updates as soon as possible.

Logging and Records: Accuracy of records and data in healthcare facilities with a considerable amount of patient flow is of great importance for both system reliability and compliance with the legislations of the Ministry of Health. HICAMP records all data traffic and keeps all records of system requests and interaction times with another system.

Warning and Alarm Mechanisms: Prevention or rapid elimination of malfunctions is one of the most important issues for any business. However, when healthcare services are concerned, malfunctions and disruptions often become even more critical. HICAMP provides rapid and automated information about malfunctions and disruptions that may occur during routine processes.

Easy to Use, Customizable Interfaces: Among the most important conveniences offered by HICAMP HIMS are customizable and easy-to-use interfaces. HICAMP screens can be customized inline with the relevant units and user requests.



Laboratories that play a major role in diagnostic accuracy can be managed easily with HICAMP LAB.

Strong integration capability of HICAMP ensures rapid and seamless transmission of test requests and results of laboratory analyses. Data is protected in accordance with information security standards.

The status of laboratory test results can be monitored on healthcare kiosks located in hospitals.

Moreover, HICAMP LAB has a methodto prevent the delivery of laboratory test results to unauthorized people. Control of authorization for different users is provided from within HICAMP.



Intensive Care Units are of a special status not only in terms of clinical processes, but also in terms of systems employed. HICAMP Arc, our web-based intensive care system that is entirely developed as a local solution, that provides a single interface for monitoring all intensive care operations. By means of mobile devices; the system that can be used at every point of the hospital, or outside the hospital, operates in full integration with HIMS, LIS, PACS and intensive care devices and it enables collecting data every second and monitoring the patient instantly. Thus, doctors can follow up their patients under intensive care from wherever they are. Scale, scoring and decision support systems ensure maximum efficiency in intensive care processes. As a result of Innova's intensive R&D studies, HICAMP Arc  also provides decision support services for healthcare staff through learning algorithms.

HICAMP Arc operates in coordination with all other related systems thanks to its strong integration capability.

Equipment such as patient monitors or artificial respiratory devices that are of critical importance to the patient are labelled with RFID technology and its location in the intensive care unit or in the campus can be tracked on relevant screens.

In case the devices are taken out of the intensive care unit, alarms can be generated in line with the defined  rules and relevant personnel can be alerted. This ensures that the materials and equipment needed by patients with life-threatening conditions are available at all times.



Healthcare Kiosks

The industry-specific "Healthcare Kiosks", developed and manufactured as a first in Turkey by Innova, offer one of the most important aids for patients in hospitals.

Differentiating from standard kiosks in terms of not only software, but also of hardware, these devices have an adjustable display for easy use of disabled patients.

Patientsthat make appointments via CHAS can complete the registration process correctly, efficiently and quickly by checking in on Healthcare Kiosks that Innova manufactures specifically for the hospitals. In addition, patients can check the results of their laboratory processes after physician examination on the screens of these kiosks and receive printouts. Healthcare Kiosks also provide patients with services such as wayfinding, suggestions/complaints/appreciation.



Wayfinding Application

Large hospitals are complex campuses. Several research results show that location-based problems in hospitals create stressful situations for patients and visitors. With Innova's Wayfinding Application, patient and visitor experience can be improved.

In complex healthcare facilities that may spread on tens of thousands of square meters, these applications provide fast and easy access for patients. Since patients consult less to hospital staff to find their way, operational efficiency can be realised. Moreover,further efficiency can be achieved by reducing delays in patient appointments.

Mobile Application Solutions

 Adapting Innova’s mobile application experience, gained in various industries, to the healthcare industry these solutions provide great convenience for both the hospital and the patient.


Mobility for the Hospital

  • Barcode Verification
  • Intensive Care Monitoring
  • Tablet Support in All Hospital Units
  • Patient Medication Tracking, Chemotherapy Medication Tracking
  • Patient Sample Tracking
  • Mobility for the Patient
  • Wayfinding
  • Appointment Procedures
  • Analysis and Result Tracking
  • Queue Number Tracking
  • e-Prescription Information and Medication Reminder Feature
  • Usage Track


Business Intelligence

Within  the HICAMP solution platform, there is  a business intelligence application that quickly and effectively responds to the demands of healthcare administrators. Business intelligence solutions enable the data generated on HICAMP HIMS to be transformed into meaningful information and reports. These solutions facilitate preparation of customized reports, in addition to hundreds of standard report formats supported by graphics and visuals. Powered by Innova's experience in the healthcare industry, business intelligence solutions display many outputs -from laboratory results to the number of patients, operating rooms, number of beds, outpatients, invoices, and call center data on the screens of healthcare administrators.


Innova offers a new understanding in health projects with its infrastructure and human resources that enable dynamic improvement for the ever-developing technologies, changing processes, new legislations, and integrations.

There are many reasons to choose Innova's hospital-specific integrated solution platform HICAMP:

  • Financial Strength
  • Sustainability
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Power of Integration
  • Competent Human Resource
  • Industry Know-How
  • Experience in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects
  • Experience in International Project Management
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of the Requirements and Processes of the Ministry of Health
  • R&D Power
  • Patient-Oriented Approach
  • Innovation and Quality-Oriented Vision
  • Experience in Information Security


Experience: With HICAMP, Innova delivers the digital transformation experience it has created in many different industries to  healthcare sector.

Technical Device Management: Innova carries out the management of information infrastructure as well as software for digital transformation in hospitals. Innova provides software and hardware infrastructure for peripherals, information screens, kiosks, and mobile applications such as computers, printers and barcode readers.

Network Management: Thanks to the experience of Innova, data communication and network infrastructure of many buildings can be carried out rapidly and easily. Innova ensures rapid, highly secure and uninterrupted operation of network processes with its staff that are assigned in the institutions throughout the design, installation and operation phases.

Identity Management and User Controls:  Innova offers the infrastructure required for user management and authorization in integrated healthcare campuses with thousands of employees. Access of all users to screens and interfaces is kept under control and information security is enabled.

Integration: One of the areas that Innova distinguishes itself is the orchestration of integration between systems and services. Innova provides the environment required for the integration of systems used by in-hospital service providers via the HICAMP middleware system. This environment also applies to applications requiring external integration, such as the MEDULA System of the Social Security Institution and the e-Pulse System of the Ministry of Health.

Innova's hospital-specific integrated solution platform HICAMP is available in the two most important city hospital projects of Turkey. The results of these projects demonstrate the added value that HICAMP offers to the healthcare industry.


Ankara City Hospital - Bilkent

Ankara City Hospital - Bilkent is the largest public-private partnership project of the healthcare industry in Turkey. The largest hospital in the world, built in one phase on a single campus with a capacity of 3,804 beds, Ankara City Hospital - Bilkent is getting prepared to provide healthcare services to 35,000 outpatients per day on a 1.3 million square meter area. This huge project, in which the HICAMP Solution Platform is incorporated, is expected to become operational in 2018. As a result of all the process studies performed together with the Ministry of Health and the otherservice providers, HICAMP was adapted inline with the project requirements in order to provide the best quality services, to support the workflows of the healthcare personnel, and to enable hospital managers to operate  the administrative processes efficiently and effectively.

Following the opening, Ankara City Hospital – Bilkent will become a very important center not only for Turkey, but also for healthcare tourism, thanks to the opportunities it provides. Benefiting from the strong technological infrastructure provided by Innova and its patient-oriented quality service concept, the hospital aims to fulfill the requirements of the digital age at the highest level.



Ankara City Hospital - Bilkent in Figures

1,312,349 square meters of closed area

A huge healthcare complex incorporating 8 hospitals (General Hospital, Cardiovascular Hospital, Neurology and Orthopedics Hospital, Children's Hospital, Obstetrics Hospital, Oncology Hospital, High Security Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital) and a main building that covers emergency services, operating rooms, imaging centers, endoscopy and chemotherapy units, and dialysis centers as a supporting common area.

  • Total capacity of 3,704 beds
  • 904 polyclinics
  • Intensive care unit with 726 beds
  • 133 operating rooms
  • Dialysis center with 38 beds
  • Chemotherapy unit with 127 beds
  • Iodine therapy unit with 10 beds
  • PTR center with 65 treatment cabins
  • Emergency arena with 224 beds
  • 19 emergency isolation rooms
  • 24 trauma units
  • 7,650 square meters laboratory
  • 1,627 square meters laundry
  • 11,330 square meters sterilization services
  • 17,420 square meters imaging services area
  • 18,000 square meters cafeteria
  • Parking area with a capacity of 6,918 cars
  • Anticipated number of patients is 13,500,000 per year


Mersin City Training and Research Hospital

Mersin City Training and Research Hospital, which is known as the "Digital Hospital of Turkey", is the country's largest hospital with HIMSS 6 certification and HIMSS 7 accreditation procedure is ongoing. Established on an area of 374,000 square meters, the hospital has a capacity of 1,304 beds and 12,000 outpatients per day.

Innova built the HICAMP Platform by bringing together all the software needed for effective operation of Mersin City Training and Research Hospital. The integration of the infrastructure of all hardware, network and other information technologies with the data center installation required by this software was also carried out with Innova expertise. The hospital, which improves patient service quality and patient satisfaction with services such as wayfinding, also saves operating costs through uninterrupted and integrated continuation of the processes. From the day HICAMP was established, the hospital has been able to make the payments of healthcare staff and hospital service providers in a timely and complete manner.


Mersin City Training and Research Hospital in Figures

  • A total of 2,534 staff - including 445 physicians, 1,770 healthcare staff, and 764 administrative staff
  • General and Oncology Hospital with 456 beds
  • CVS and Psychiatric Hospital with 377 beds
  • Maternity and children hospital with 436 beds
  • 544 single rooms
  • 252 double rooms
  • 55 operating rooms
  • Intensive care unit with 214 beds
  • Opened on February 3, 2017
  • Served approximately 3 million people in its first year
  • 568 of the incoming applications were for emergency services
  • 1 million 600 thousand patients had outpatient treatment
  • Almost 90 thousand patients had inpatient treatment
  • An average of 12 thousand patients were served daily
  • More than 7 million medical tests were conducted
  • 8 thousand 600 babies were delivered
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