PayFlex mWallet Digital Wallet Solution

Innova PayFlex mWallet Digital Wallet solution enables safe & fast credit card and money transfer transactions.

PayFlex mWallet Digital Wallet solution enables all payment transactions, from money transfers to advantageous shopping at member merchants to be made through a single platform, making life easier for businesses and end-users. All money transfers, loyalty points usages, and payments can be made with a single click via PayFlex mWallet.


What is PayFlex mWallet Digital Wallet?

PayFlex mWallet stands out as a digital wallet product created through extensive expertise and experience in financial technologies. A digital wallet is a system that enables credit card and money transfer transactions safely and quickly. PayFlex mWallet is a product that reflects this system with the assurance of Innova and is a must-have because of the spread of e-commerce and electronic payment systems.

  • End users can create a wallet account and e-money account shortly after registering within the application. 
  • Users can store credit and debit cards with PCI DSS protection in PayFlex mWallet.
  • Users can transfer money from their e-money account to other e-money and bank accounts.
  • PayFlex mWallet allows withdrawing cash from ATM and transferring money to a wallet account, spending from an e-money account or added cards.
  • It is also possible to earn loyalty points for purchases made at member merchants and to win extra gifts from goals completed through gamification.
  • PayFlex mWallet has features such as instant notification of outgoing payments to the related user, a fixed or variable payment request, and multi-user support for more than one employee.
  • PayFlex mWallet can work with Innova's other fintech products. 




Features of PayFlex mWallet Digital Wallet

mWallet meets the expectations of those who want to ensure information security while completing their payment transactions without a hassle and provides a solid and secure infrastructure for payment and money transfer transactions.

mWallet eliminates the need for cash by bringing together all payment tools such as credit and debit cards on a single platform. PayFlex mWallet also offers advantages such as discounted shopping at member merchants and earn as you spend for end users.

PayFlex mWallet provides flexible and convenient functions to member merchants with multi-user support that allows multiple employees, a fixed or variable payment request, and instant payment notifications to the responsible user.

End users can easily create a wallet account simply by signing up for PayFlex mWallet. Users can transfer money to their other bank accounts. Using the Top-Up feature, users can transfer money to their wallet account from cards added to their digital wallets or ATMs.

Users can spend from their digital wallets or added cards at member merchants and earn gifts with loyalty points or goals they complete through gamification.

PayFlex mWallet stores the credit and debit card information in the wallet account with PCI-DSS protection.


Compliant with legal regulations

PayFlex mWallet Digital Wallet solution is compliant with the CBRT Payment Systems and Electronic Money laws and the rules of the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK). It stores and processes user data under the guidance of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

PayFlex mWallet complies with the PCI-DSS security standard and securely stores and processes card information. It saves time for businesses by working integrated with other Innova systems.

PayFlex mWallet Digital Wallet provides many advantages for B2C (business to consumer) and C2C business models (consumer to consumer) in the online shopping world.


Establishing strong bonds between merchants and customers

PayFlex mWallet, which can work integrated with all of Innova's fintech products and solutions, allows users to transfer money, use loyalty points, and make payments with one click by selecting their defined card.

PayFlex mWallet keeps credit, debit, and prepaid cards in one place and establishes strong connections between merchants and their customers.


Make a difference in e-commerce

PayFlex mWallet provides companies with a Digital Wallet infrastructure and offers end-to-end integration with payment, collection, loyalty applications, and banking systems. In addition, its compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) enables merchants to gain the trust of customers and gain a competitive advantage.


Access anywhere to save time

PayFlex mWallet's extensive reporting features make account tracking better than ever before. iOS and Android supported mWallet prevents user errors with its wide range of reconciliations.

PayFlex mWallet provides access to all payment cards on a single platform, enabling fast & secure electronic payment transactions and eliminates the need to carry cash.

It is crucial to focus on technology while providing a customer-oriented experience. You can achieve success in the e-commerce and online world with Innova PayFlex mWallet solution, which offers complete and innovative solutions suitable for this day and age. 

Offering platform-independent solutions for institutions and organizations from every sector, İnnova enables you to perform all payment transactions quickly and securely with the PayFlex mWallet solution.


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