Human Resources Solution (SAP SuccessFactors)

Listen to the experience of SAP SuccessFactors, an HR solution that was developed to utilize qualified employees in the right projects.

Being able to match up the expectations of employees from companies and the expectations of companies from employees plays a key role in achieving productivity. Important advantages are achieved when companies solve their expectations on this subject with the right perspective. SAP Success Factors, preferred by thousands of customers in 60 lines of work in 168 countries, makes it easier to achieve successful results in human resources (HR) processes. The SAP SuccessFactors that Innova offers with an expert team in the field of SAP also overflows into the other fields of SAP solutions in a stronger form. Add power to your strategies SAP SuccessFactors provides important benefits on key issues like employee efficiency and profitability. With SAP SuccessFactors the differences between strategy and application are eliminated. By providing the experience of the best applications in the world, SAP SuccessFactors appeals to large companies as much as mid and small scale companies.



  • Enables the knowledge and skills of employees to be delegated correctly.
  • The needed human resources are first sought from within the company.
  • Employee career plans are reinforced.
  • Combines company goals with individual goals.
  • Reinforces goal and reward mechanisms and sense of corporate belonging.
  • Reduces differences between strategy and application.
  • Provides the ‘right person for the right position’.
  • Makes the applications in different platforms more efficient.
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