Enterprise Resource Planning

A management system that automates all processes, allowing you to focus your resources on building your business.

In order to reach their strategic goals, companies need to make the best possible uses of available resources: personnel, finance, data and corporate assets. Innova’s ERP solution, built on the Oracle E-Business Suite, are aimed at increasing overall productivity by maximising the efficiency of resource management. Innova’s ERP solution will be a loyal assistant when enterprises make critical decisions about which resource to allocate to a project.


Thanks to this solution businesses will make the most efficient use of resources in their operations, helping them to meet their targets. Businesses can devote certain resources to profitable projects and can also deploy other resources that would otherwise lie idle.


What We Offer

  1. Sales Management
  2. Order Management
  3. Logistics Management
  4. Purchasing
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Production Management
  7. After-sales Support 
  8. Financial Management
  9. Project Management
  10. Human Resources


  1. Sales Management: A comprehensive formula for sales teams that includes sales channel and bid management
  2. Order Management: This gives control of the whole order process from selection to pricing and contract preparations
  3. Logistics Management: This covers inventory and transport operations and assists procurement
  4. Procurement Management: This is a family of modules that covers corporate procurement processes in physical and electronic environments and can be used on the supply side
  5. Supply Chain Planning: With this module long-term plans unite with detailed short-term indicators
  6. Manufacturing Management: This plans and controls the entire manufacturing processes, with an eye to quality and costs
  7. Enterprise Asset Management: This ensures that the value of corporate assets is retained, and that they are allocated cost-effectively to maximise profitability
  8. After-sales support: By automating oversight of service operations on the client side this increases customer satisfaction
  9. Financial Operations and Management: This reduces the operational burden on finance units, further ensuring an intelligent use of resources
  10. Project Management: This gives a knowledgable supervision of all stages of projects, facilitating decision-making
  11. Human Resources Management: This automates all processes connected with staff and workforce


Better decision-making

By providing the right reporting tools, Innova’s ERP solution reduces the timescale of the decision-making process. The system also ensures that senior management always exercise good judgement in the high-pressure environment of an increasingly competitive marketplace. The results of data analysis can add real value to the business.


More efficient use of resources

Businesses gain a great deal by making the best use of resources, including personnel, technical infrastructure and processes. Planning operations while keeping the efficient use of all corporate resources in mind, enables companies to reach key corporate targets. Thanks to the superior management capabilities of Innova’s ERP solution, which are based on the Oracle E-Business Suite, the business unit operations workload is reduced and decision-making processes are fully supported, resulting in fast and accurate decisions.


Easy reporting

The Oracle E-Business Suite has advanced tools to assist decision-making. It produces instant reports for many users, including senior executives. With Oracle Discoverer, managers can produce all kinds of reports with ease.



  • Detailed definitions of all requirements
  • Clear identification of ERP targets
  • A specialist management team and resources
  • Organisation of data and business processes
  • Senior management support
  • Cooperation with key users
  • A goal-focused approach
  • Full participation in training sessions
  • Comprehensive test scenarios


Effective Centralised Management

When enterprises have scattered elements of infrastructure, the separate management of systems running different business processes often creates problems. Innova’s ERP solution provides a central management system that streamlines operations and reduces costs. This means that all data is entered only once, avoiding repetition and ensuring that integrity and transparency is reflected in the production of better reports.


Reduced IT staff and costs

Innova’s ERP solution enables centralised management, bringing together all systems in order to respond to needs more simply. Consequently, fewer IT staff are needed and the cost of backup and upgrading is greatly reduced. In addition, Innova’s consultants are always on hand to answer service queries.


World-class planning processes

The system uses global project management methodologies to simplify and integrate all business processes. It is designed in such a way that operational rules can be clearly defined in order to increase the productivity of business processes and therefore allows processes to be changed without delay.


A powerful corporate memory

Information is a business’s most valuable asset, so a company must handle it as effectively as possible. This solution assembles all scattered data in a single database and it ensures that information can be located and accessed more easily than ever. At the same time, it ensures that all data is transparent and traceable. Oracle E-Business Suite modules bring data together in one place, which makes it possible to make strategic decisions in good time and to bring about significant savings in overheads.


Business units made more compatible

The ERP solution is the result of long, detailed study, enabling your business processes to catch up with international standards. Once the system is active, different processes are able to communicate with one another using the same language, leading to higher quality work that will bring greater profits.


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