Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Every tool you need to read performance indicators accurately and budget for success

Enterprises need budgeting and planning tools adapted to dynamic structures to speed up decision-making without compromising on accurate interpretation.


Innova has developed the Oracle Hyperion product family into a highly workable solution that offers strategic improvements to the quality of management and business processes and brings them in sync. Innova’s team, which includes some of the most experienced consultants in Enterprise Performance Management, can formulate a secure roadmap designed to take your company into the future.


The EPM solution is able to make ‘budgeted’ and ‘actual’ comparisons at regular intervals and provide detailed charts displaying the status of the entire company. Thus management processes, such as budget monitoring and fine-tuning, can be carried out easily and without delay.


Business intelligence and performance monitoring

Business intelligence platforms play a significant role in monitoring report cards as often as needed to ensure performance criteria are properly evaluated. Results that fall under or over the control levels set by the criteria indicate that a process needs to be corrected and then checked regularly. This is an important aspect of maintaining appropriate levels of performance in all business processes. Innova’s EPM solution takes care of this vital task.


The Oracle Hyperion family

In today’s business world, every stage of financial process analysis needs to be carried out with cutting-edge technology and companies need to maintain a first-class level of performance at all times. Innova, using its know-how and proficiency in EMP solutions, remodels Oracle’s Hyperion Family group of products to create practical, comprehensive systems.


As an outstanding solutions provider, Innova turns Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management (HPCM), Hyperion Performance Scorecard and Hyperion Strategic Finance products into flexible solutions applicable in any sector. Innova is always near at hand with its integration and support services.



  • Ability to create budget versions quickly
  • All budget versions are kept on a single platform
  • Reporting with dynamic graphics
  • Integration with business intelligence platforms
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to work offline
  • Comparability of ‘planned’ and ‘actual’ data on same platform
  • Approval mechanisms in all processes
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