Customer Relationship Management

Top-tier technology that helps modern businesses match their services to customer’s needs

Vital to the success of every business is the relationship that the company establishes with its customers. Those companies who know their customers well have a competitive advantage over those who underestimate the importance of that vital link. Innova’s contribution to achieving this is its state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management solutions, designed to help enterprises get a step closer to their goals.


CRM solutions play an active role in optimising the marketing, sales and service processes of any company, but especially enterprises that have direct contact with customers, such as those in the financial, insurance, automobile, pharmaceutical and media sectors.


Innova is specialised in the field of CRM and can provide guidance at every stage of restructuring a project, from the preliminary analysis of needs to the adaptation of the solution. With this solution enterprises can manage customer relations effectively and use the data it provides to improve business processes and shape future products and services.


Why is CRM so popular?

  • Companies understand that putting customers first will give them a competitive edge
  • Its internal efficiency processes (using Enterprise Resource Planning) can be passed on to customers
  • The advantage of being the first in the market has been reduced as products remain on the market for less time
  • The Internet and other communications technologies have modified customers choices and habits


360-degree customer relations

By using CRM systems that can be fully integrated into your existing infrastructure, all your sales units can work with a single customer pool, avoiding duplication and the time wasted by different sales representatives chasing the same customers. Pre-sales and after-sales activities can be monitored and the chances of retaining your clientele increased by creating up-sale and cross-sale opportunities. CRM systems also facilitate statistical analyses of your product portfolio and market share and, in keeping with your strategic targets, it enables you to present attractive personalised offers to your customers.


Innova’s huge experience in software systems makes it a perfect solutions partner who understands your requirements. With its skilled and experienced engineers, Innova delivers the world’s most popular software products and transforms them into all-embracing solutions.



  • Customer satisfaction
  • Automated processes
  • Easy systems integration
  • Flexibility
  • End-to-end management approach
  • Resource and cost savings
  • Higher profits

CRM Maintenance and Management

Innova’s CRM Solutions include remote and on-site maintenance and support services for the customer databases that underpin the systems. In line with its Service Level Agreement, Innova provides performance, backup, system reset, troubleshooting and security services. Its experienced team of CRM specialists prides itself on responding without delay to the problems encountered by its customers. Innova provides these services by using its own resources or by working with business partners.


Innova’s Team of Experts

In order to identify emerging problems and to develop solutions, experience in the field is vital. Innova’s team of experts, who are all certified by the relevant product providers, are always ready to handle the most demanding tasks. These specialists can be reached via its 24/7 call centre and will respond to problems immediately, and can also monitor your system regularly, and adjust and fine-tune it as necessary. The continuity of the service can be guaranteed under the SLA.


Enterprises with millions of customers enhance the quality of the service with Innova's solutions.


Marketing Management

  • Target audience management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Campaign planning and organising
  • Social media campaign management
  • Customer feedback, opportunity creation
  • Inter-team workflow facilitation
  • Reporting and campaign analysis
  • SMS and e-mail services integration
  • Sales Management
  • Sales leads identification and handling
  • Customer management
  • Sales territory management
  • Product/service cataloguing and pricing
  • Bids and orders administration
  • Quota management
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Advanced sales reports and dashboards


After-Sales Services

  • Customer satisfaction evaluation
  • Service scheduling, timekeeping and service improving procedures
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Contract oversight
  • Solution archive and recurring service request databank
  • Corrective and preventive measures
  • Service/support reporting and analysis
  • Sound infrastructure (ACD, CTI, IVR)
  • Workforce and quality control
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