Business Intelligence Solutions

Innova’s BI Solutions speed up reporting and analysis processes to enable your business to make timely, well-informed decisions.


The challenge of processing the continually expanding mass of corporate data and using it to add value to a business enterprise is not an easy one. But Innova is on hand to help. It has transformed Oracle Business Intelligence technology to provide an in-depth solution that combines all business performance indicators into a single unit and accelerates reporting and analysis processes. The solution takes care of everything to help your business operate and develop in the way it deserves.


Decision-making advisor

Innova Business Intelligence Solutions include scalable solutions for all types of enterprises and organisations, from SMEs to large companies. They have the potential to be an excellent source of advice for key decision-makers by combining the key indicators involved in all business processes with smart reporting features.


Innova Business Intelligence Solutions also act as a reliable guide for critical, strategic decision-making. Businesses are more likely to succeed when they base their decisions on accurate data while lead to actions that have predictable results.


Innovative reporting system

The reporting function, built with Oracle Business Intelligence’s data collection and integration capabilities, is at the heart of the Innova Business Intelligence Solutions to provide invaluable aid to key decision-makers. This system transforms in-house data garnered from disparate sources into substantial, insightful reports presented in a crisp, digestible format. Executives can look at the results presented in the form of graphs and make timely decisions based on accurate data.


What Innova’s BI Solutions have to offer:

  • Reduction in time and labour
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Identification of unsatisfactory or unnecessary operations
  • Decision-making support with real-time reporting
  • Connection to several different data sources
  • Scalability

Connected to different data sources

One of the key features of Oracle Business Intelligence is that it can bring together data gathered from different sources. It can make use of a variety of sources – such as Excel and Word documents, Oracle and SQL databases and Essbase platforms – simultaneously.

The solution is also well suited to turning data garnered from all corners of a business into meaningful information. As a bonus, this makes a significant saving of time and labour because data collection, compilation and reporting is all handled by the solution.

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