What is Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Solutions?

InnovAI artificial intelligence models developed and provided to companies by Innova brings competitive advantages through predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, prediction, customer experience, decision support and Big Data approaches. Identifying problems before they arise, detecting behavioural patterns of devices and customers and helping make decisions in the light of Big Data, InnovAI decreases faults to a minimum, costs and increases customer satisfaction.


InnovAI-PdM: Predictive Maintenance

InnovAI-PdM helps to solve problems that didn’t arise yet for operations to move along smoothly. The solution monitors and analyzes any device or device group in your company, detects malfunctions before they occur and ensures that necessary interventions are made. With predictive maintenance, interruptions in providing your service or manufacturing operations are minimized and loss of income is prevented. Detecting faults in advance and making relevant operational plans increase efficiency in companies.

Benefits of InnovAI-PdM

  • The production or service component detected to fail is identified before causing any interruption, and the supply process for the replacement component can be initiated before the failure occurs.
  • Fault interruptions can be planned and the damages related to unplanned interruptions are prevented.
  • Failures that can be intervened before they occur are prevented and the number of failures that may interrupt the operation is reduced.
  • Service and production downtimes are reduced.
  • Customer dissatisfaction and production troubles are minimized.
  • Operational maintenance times and costs are reduced.

InnovAI-AD: Anomaly Detection

InnovAI-AD benefits from advanced artificial intelligence models to detect extraordinary developments in operation. The solution examines changes in the behaviour of a customer or a device used in service or production processes, both instantaneously and historically. System administrators are warned when objectionable situations are detected, enabling real-time interventions. On the other hand, information such as situation time, content and location are also evaluated by artificial intelligence models for anomaly detection; thus results with high accuracy are obtained.

Benefits of InnovAI-AD

  • Unusual behaviour of devices and customers can be quickly noticed.
  • Increases response speeds to problems.
  • Makes it easier to identify the root causes of the problems.
  • Changes over time are detected in real-time and appropriate interventions can be set.
  • Performance and service losses experienced during an anomaly are reduced.
  • Increases customer satisfaction.
  • Efficiency is constantly improved and provides the opportunity to reduce costs.


    InnovAI-PM: Predictive Modelling

    InnovAI-PM helps predict future conditions and events using advanced artificial intelligence models. Thanks to the solution that works with a predictive approach, actions may be planned against conditions and events that have not yet occurred.

    Benefits of InnovAI-PM

    • Operational activities can be optimized, costs are reduced.
    • Supply chain planning takes place with high accuracy and proactively.
    • By predicting customer behaviour, the efficiency of marketing and campaign activities increases.
    • By predicting financial activities, cash flow is optimized and financial expenses are reduced.
    • Revenue growth is achieved through targeted marketing.

    Smart Energy Backup Service

    Smart Energy Backup Service predicts the lifetimes of batteries that are used as backup energy sources in mobile sites. Thus, it prevents power cuts that may occur in the field. CAPEX/OPEX management processes are optimized with low budgets for energy backups. Downtime due to power outages in the field is automated and predicted through machine learning models. The service predicts the remaining battery life of energy sources by calculating internal and environmental variables, dynamically plans the energy needs of mobile facilities and prioritizes their requirements.

    Benefits of Smart Energy Backup Service are listed as follows:

    • CAPEX spending is reduced.
    • Service interruptions due to power outages in the mobile field are reduced.
    • Battery planning processes in the mobile field are automated and the planning times are shortened.
    • While service interruptions are reduced, customer satisfaction increases.
    • Operational maintenance costs are reduced in locations with energy backup.

    InnovAI-Cx: Customer Experience

    InnovAI-Cx enables organizations to understand their customers in a depth that was not possible before, thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence models. Thus, it is possible to propose the most accurate solutions to meet the expectations of the customers whose preferences and needs are determined.

    Benefits of InnovAI-Cx

    • Real-time actions can be taken for customers whose satisfaction level is determined with the happiness score.
    • Customer behaviour is monitored in real-time. Sales revenues are increased with personalized campaigns running at the right time through the right channel.
    • Cross-selling opportunities can be identified for the most appropriate solution that can be offered to customers, and sales revenue is increased this way. 


      InnovAI-DS: Decision Support

      In a data-focused business world of today, decision support systems powered by artificial intelligence assumes a critical role for companies to achieve competitive advantage. InnovAI-DS solution allows companies to make decisions with high accuracy, minimize the problems that may arise from decision errors, and increase customer satisfaction and revenues accordingly, thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence models it uses.

      Benefits of InnovAI-DS

      • Operational support teams can solve problems faster with the solution suggestions offered by the decision support system.
      • All support teams can access solution suggestions, thus ensuring the active development of teams.
      • Service downtimes are minimized while customer satisfaction increases.
      • Increased service quality adds a competitive advantage to companies.

      InnovAI-BigData: Big Data Solutions

      InnovAI-BigData processes large-scale structured or unstructured data in real-time. In the light of meaningful information emerged with the processing of a huge volume of data, companies can take action in the light of data, create new income opportunities and reduce their costs.

      Benefits of InnovAI-BigData

      • Big Data can be stored cost-effectively in ideal environments.
      • Artificial intelligence models develop insights in the light of the data flows they follow and enable targeted actions to be taken.
      • It offers high-performance reporting by combining structured and disorganized data.

      InnovAI-BigData Services:

      Big Data Platform
      Innova Big Data infrastructure is built with open-source systems. In this way, it has the flexibility to respond to the variable Big Data platform needs of companies.

      The system makes calculations over the flowing data to make real-time decisions in the light of data and enables actions to be taken for the results it produces.

      Generate Income from the Data
      T​​​​​he service matches the owned data with the business models, makes it possible for the companies to gain financial benefits from the data by designing the appropriate infrastructure.


      1st prize from IDC to “Artificial Intelligence in Operations” Project

      The “Artificial Intelligence in Operations” Project, developed by Innova, won the 1st prize in the Innovation Accelerator (Machine Learning) category of the IDC Artificial Intelligence Awards.

      Innova TM Among the 5 Finalists in Forum Excellence Awards

      The "Artificial Intelligence in Operations" Project, which is the first in its sector in Turkey, made its mark among the five finalists in the "Artificial Intelligence, Data and Analytics" category at the TM Forum Excellence Awards.


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