Success Story


Kars Smart City Project

Having implemented the first integrated smart city projects in Turkey, Türk Telekom Group offers its solutions for Kars, which has a long-established history of 7 thousand years. Built on the Innova SkywaveIoT platform, Kars Smart City project enables citizens to receive better quality services in a modern city environment. Management of Operations Center, Smart Intersection, Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Meteorological Measuring Station, Air Quality Measurement, YöneTT Wifi, Camera Management System and City Information Points Solutions are carried out via SkywaveIoT Platform.

The Intelligent City Management Platform developed by Innova, namely SkywaveCity, can receive data from multiple vertical applications and collect it in one center and display it through a common interface. Data from smart city applications that are available in Kars can be displayed in a specific location or throughout the city.

Türk Telekom
Smart Store Project

Inclusive of Türk Telekom's Smart Store Project implemented with the installation of nearly 4 thousand devices in more than 1,100 stores and customer centers in 81 provinces of Turkey, person counting, personnel tracking system, intelligent sign lighting management, in-store analytical and charge components have been put into operation within the stores.

With SkywaveStore, which is developed by Innova as a Smart Store Platform, all data gathered from the components are collected centrally for the project and therefore remote management of the installed devices becomes possible. The features offered by SkywaveStore ensure operational efficiency and increase customer experience and comfort.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Project

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has gained agility to integrate new products and abilities brought by the technology with its central platform. With created mechanisms, the administration can make faster and accurate decisions.

Better city life is offered to the citizens with the following public services: Safe and free internet service, city information screens, a mobile application that brings all current information about the city, Sesli Adımlar solution that enhances the life quality of the disabled citizens and bringing health services and personal care to people’s home.

With the cost-saving New Generation Lighting and Irrigation solutions, the city started using public resources more efficiently and the community has increased environmental awareness.

New Generation Transportation solutions increase traffic safety awareness and prevent accidents.