Meet the Award-winning SkywaveIoT Platform

Bringing a new touch to the Modern Era, the Internet of Things comes to life with Innova's award-winning skywaveIoT platform.

One of the ways for keeping up with digital transformation is by starting up the Internet of Things solutions. The way for implementing the right solution lies in using an IoT platform with a strong infrastructure and built on a flexible architecture.

Build Your Applications on The Advanced Architecture of SkywaveIoT Platform

The SkywaveIoT platform forms the basis of the IoT solutions architecture. Your devices in the field meet on the SkywaveIoT platform.

SkywaveIoT can provide services to all sectors where data is of critical importance, from transportation to energy, public to telecom and finance. The skywaveIoT platform, which can be developed and can run on all kinds of vertical applications, is also the ideal option for developing data analytics and data interpretation solutions.


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Key Features of the SkywaveIoT Platform

Türk Telekom's SkywaveIoT platform, which provides services in powerful data centers at the level of TIER 3, stores your data in data centers in Turkey while providing high-level standards for nonstop operation and reliability. The Platform enables you to get the optimum benefit for your IoT applications with numerous additional benefits.

Scalable Architecture

Countless meters in the energy sector, tens of thousands of ATMs in the banking sector, or thousands of traffic lights in the city, or hundreds of stores in the retail sector... With the industry-independent scalable architecture of the SkywaveIoT platform, you can connect all your devices, regardless of the size of your applications, and continue working on the SkywaveIoT platform as you grow your application volume.


Big Data Analytics

Today, Data Analytics is a critical issue for companies that want to provide the right service to their customers and develop their products in this context. SkywaveIoT makes it easy to make sense of your export with analytics and reporting tools, regardless of the size of the data you have.


Rich Integration Methods

With the modular architecture of the SkywaveIoT platform and Restful API, Web-service and SDK, you can ensure fast and easy integration with your devices and applications.

Integration with Corporate Systems

One of the key advantages of SkywaveIoT is that it can easily integrate with your existing corporate systems. With this solution proving the flexibility of the platform, you can quickly transfer data from the field to your systems. This ability of SkywaveIoT is also opens the way for you to be able to intervene quickly with your devices with which you need to deal when they break down.


Secure Cloud Architecture

Türk Telekom's nationwide network communication infrastructure and the SkywaveIoT platform, which runs on a high-reliability data center at the level of TIER 3, give you an advantage in business continuity. This established structure also means a quick solution for processing and evaluating your critical data.


Flexible Licensing

SkywaveIoT platform supports flexible licensing models. It adapts to the working model of all businesses with Cloud or On-Premise installations. It provides the convenience of payment as much as you need with its package-based pricing model.

Add Value to your Business with SkywaveIoT Platform

Innova's SkywaveIoT platform enables you to get many benefits with Internet of Things technologies on the journey of digital transformation. Using the SkywaveIoT Platform;

  • You can monitor and manage your IoT applications and devices centrally.
  • You can quickly integrate between your IoT-based applications and your corporate systems, regardless
  • of brand, model or supplier.
  • You can create cross-scenarios for different business models between IoT applications or your hardware.
  • Using the Platform, you can combine and make sense of the data coming from your devices and sensors, independently of brand, model and supplier.
  • SkywaveIoT is equipped with application development features that can easily meet the needs of different users. Accordingly, you can activate the suitable solution for your work with minimum effort.
  • Innova provides end-to-end security for the devices and data you use in your IoT applications.
Success Story

Kars Smart City Project

Türk Telekom Group offers its solutions for Kars which has a long-established history of 7 thousand years. Built on the SkywaveIoT platform, Kars Smart City project enables citizens to receive better quality services in a modern city environment.

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