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The Innova SkywaveIoT Partner Program offers unique opportunities for startups looking to enter the world of the Internet of Things and become part of a large ecosystem.

Internet of Things ushers in a new era and its footsteps can be heard today. Companies that are leaning towards IoT applications, which are starting to show up in many sectors, not only offer their customers a more effective and comprehensive solution, but also gain a competitive advantage on a global scale.

Innova has developed a new SkywaveIoT Partner Program within the framework of the award-winning SkywaveIoT platform, offering an ecosystem where powerful new-age startups can achieve optimum benefits.

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What is the
SkywaveIoT Partner Program?

Innova SkywaveIoT Partner Program is an ecosystem developed for startups that offer solutions for the IoT world, want to deliver them, or want to position their solutions on a powerful cloud computing platform.

The initiatives involved in this program not only enter the world of the Internet of Things, but also take their place among a network where they can develop solutions and receive extensive administrative and technical support.

Why Should You Join?

Build Your Applications on Advanced Architecture of SkywaveIoT Platform

One of the reasons why Internet of Things applications have become so widespread is due to the power to transform the way they do business. The SkywaveIoT Partner Program helps you get the right answers for your customers who demand end-to-end solutions.

Numerous studies have predicted that by 2020, 50 billion objects will be linked, creating a minimum value of USD 7 billion. Whatever the quality of the solutions you offer now, you can make a strong entry into the world of the Internet of Things with the SkywaveIoT Platform and take advantage of more opportunities in this huge market.

Competition between sectors leads companies to further digitisation in order to stand out. 90 percent of businesses that want to enrich their business with Internet of Things want to work with a business partner that offers end-to-end solutions. Innova SkywaveIoT Platform enables you to possess a future that combines hardware, software and IoT components and boosts your ability to deliver solutions.

You can benefit from our leadership in the Internet of Things, our in-depth business and technical know-how and our experienced support service and can move the bar of the Internet of Things market to the next level, and thus achieve the digital transformation your customers are aiming for.

The Advantages


As SkywaveIoT Partner, get the opportunity to offer a joint solution with Innova.You can offer end-to-end solutions and increase your awareness by finding a place in success stories.


Take the opportunity to offer your IoT solutions to 36 countries on 4 continents where Innova operates. Get a chance to develop different sales models and speed up the time for your products before they are launched.


Improve your operational efficiency using the SkywaveIoT platform. Save time and cost through the platform's scalable and modular architecture.


Take your place as a partner in the projects Innova has developed. Take advantage of Innova's power throughout Turkey in fields such as installation, maintenance, service and support. Develop new products with other members involved in the ecosystem.


Get support from Innova's experts to develop your products and solutions and also respond to your customer's specific demands. Have detailed documentation of the Platform and get access to the Sample Code & Application Library.

Join Our Technology Partners

Our experts are with you to determine which partner group you should be part of!


Meet the management needs of your hardware with the capabilities of the SkywaveIoT platform.

Develop your business applications on SkywaveIoT platform.

Enhance the capabilities of your applications by integrating with SkywaveIoT Partner Solutions.

SkywaveIoT Partners


Founded in 1951 in the Minden region of Germany, WAGO is one of the leading companies that has been producing equipment for electrical connection, automation, and interface technologies since its establishment. The company has the capacity to meet all needs from start to finish in an automation panel with more than 8,000 employees worldwide and a product range of over 32,000 products. WAGO became the industry leader by producing the world's first spring terminal block in 1951, and introduced the world's first Fieldbus-independent and modular I/O system in PLCs in 1995. All these innovations have shaped the industry and set the standards. Working on IIoT, edge computing, and cloud systems in recent years, WAGO continues producing unique hardware that combines IT and OT.


Setting out with the vision of making a smart planet possible, Advantech is a global technology giant with its hardware and software solutions in the field of IoT and embedded systems. Adopting the "achievement together" approach, Advantech is experienced in many vertical sectors such as power generation and distribution, factory-machine automation, logistics management, facility management, and environmental monitoring. The product families that Advantech specializes in are Human-Machine Interface products such as Panel PC, industrial touch monitor, operator panel, ruggedized compact computers, signal acquisition-control solutions, industrial computer, communication, and Ethernet network products. The company continues its activities in Turkey from its offices in Istanbul, Bursa, and Ankara. You can visit for detailed information.


Oliptek Smart City Lighting Systems allow controlling lighting luminaires and other Oliptek terminals (sensors & actuators) collectively, grouped, or individually in areas including roads, parks, gardens, schools, hospitals, factories. It integrates effortlessly into existing cloud systems thanks to its extensive protocol support. The scenario system allows the desired luminaires to be switched on and off, and their brightness can be automatically adjusted at predetermined times. The consumption amounts of the luminaires can be monitored instantly on the web-based system. The diagnostic module monitors the operating status of the luminaires.


Sensemore is an easy-to-use predictive maintenance platform with hardware and software specially designed for machine health analysis, offering high diagnostic quality with end-to-end solutions. Sensemore, monitors the health of all rotating equipment working on the production lines on the way to Industry 4.0, prevents downtime and production losses. The company was established in 2018 at Istanbul Technical University Teknokent with the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK). Sensemore has worked with many companies since its establishment and has reduced maintenance costs and increased production efficiency. Sensemore currently exports the sensors and software it produces at the domestic facilities to many countries including USA, Europe, and Asia. You can visit for detailed information.


Odak R&D and Technology Center Inc. started its activities as of February 2020. The purpose of its establishment is to carry out R&D and production activities in the fields of defense industry, aviation, and smart city technologies (traffic, lighting, energy). Odak R&D Center, certified by ISO 9001:2015, has a 2400 sqm area, 20 technical personnel, 2 registered brands, and 3 internet information portals. Odak is a member of ASO, OSSA. Electronic capabilities of Odak R&D Center are system and subsystem requirement determination, design and development, multi-layer electronic board designs, power electronics circuit designs, embedded system design and development, prototype product and system production, testing, and optimization. Software capabilities of Odak R&D Center are central management and telemetry software, image processing and artificial intelligence algorithms, web-based software, desktop and mobile applications, database applications. Mechanics capabilities of Odak R&D Center are plastic injection mold design and manufacturing, rubber mold design and manufacturing, high-pressure aluminum mold design and manufacturing, sheet metal forming (punching, cutting, bending, spinning), industrial model design. Odak R&D Center's activities in the field of defense are system, subsystem design and verification, remote control systems, vehicle/object detection, and tracking systems. Odak R&D Center's activities in aviation are avionics systems, event detection systems, autonomous driving systems, deep learning, and machine learning algorithms. Odak R&D Center's focus in the Smart City space includes intelligent Transportation Systems (AUS-ITS), dynamic intersection management, smart lighting systems, speed/license plate, vehicle detection systems, ultrasonic measurement technologies, wireless data collectors, edge sensor units (NB-IoT, LoRa).

NetOP Technology

NetOP Technology has more than 20 years of team experience and increases its know-how in the Internet of Things and inter-machine communication in parallel with the developing and changing technological innovations and produces sensors and gateway equipment suitable for today's needs. The company markets all of its sensor and gateway hardware around the world. NetOP Technology provides its customers with vertical cloud software platforms for all the hardware it manufactures and offers turn-key solutions in this field. NetOP Technology portfolio offers more than 300 products supporting different LPWAN connection technologies including LoRa, LoRaWAN, BLE 5.0, NB-IoT, Cat-M1, LTE, WiFi; dozens of verticals and value-added solutions to its customers in logistics, energy, tourism, marketing, health, agriculture, and production.