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Ticket Kiosks

Ticket kiosk solutions to enable self-service purchase and printing

Since the introduction of kiosks enabling people to purchase admission tickets previously only available through a box office window, self-service payment systems have become extremely popular with the public. Whether used in amusement parks, airports, concert venues, stadiums or for lotteries, self-service kiosks offer great convenience, increased revenue and considerable time savings.

Such ticket kiosk solutions, which are commonly used in the entertainment and tourism sector, maximise the efficient use of human resources while offering much more convenience to customers. Customers enjoy the option of checking in for a flight close to the departure time, and buying a cinema ticket just minutes before the show, avoiding long queues in the process. For their part, companies see dramatically increased profits brought about by the reduction in operating costs.

Kiosk Innova’s ticketing solutions support every stage of the business cycle from reservation, purchase and delivery to validation and payment.

A ticketing kiosk is ideal for…

Better use of human resources

If you are running a cinema, theatre or a coach company you will be acutely aware that time and human resources are of the utmost importance for any business dealing with hundreds of ticket sales transactions. So do you want to use your staff’s valuable time on manual ticket sales and printing? With Kiosk Innova’s ticketing solutions you need fewer members of staff involved in these activities, enabling you to redirect valuable resources to other areas of your business.

Increased ticket sales

Every day lost time is standing in the way of your company setting new sales records. But enough is enough. By placing your trust in Kiosk Innova’s ticketing kiosks you can put an end to long queues and delays caused by human error, thus increasing sales and reducing operational costs at the same time.

Ticket kiosks for happier customers

Did you know that you can reduce the number of pending transactions by 30% when you use a ticket kiosk solution? Your services could immediately look more attractive to a customer. Less queuing and quick and convenient ticket purchasing is bound to improve your customer’s experience and ensure higher levels of satisfaction.

Ticket Kiosk Advantages:

  • Reduce the cost per transaction
  • Add value to your business
  • Increase revenue with multiple language and currency options
  • Enable more distribution points
  • Accept all forms of payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reduce waiting times



Burj Khalifa At The Top chose Kiosk Innova to provide visitors with a quick and simple self-service method to get their tickets. With its many years of experience in providing self-service ticket terminals, Kiosk Innova presented an ideal solution, worthy of one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Thanks to the terminals, which were specially developed, engineered and manufactured for Burj Khalifa At The Top, visitors can now collect their tickets in a matter of seconds.

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