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Kiosk Innova is bringing new levels of convenience to the telecoms, banking and service sectors.


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Kiosk Innova offers customised kiosk solutions that bring customers the convenience of making self-service payments at any time of day. Its indoor and outdoor top-up solutions make it possible to complete direct top-ups, mobile phone debits and direct deposits, and to purchase gift cards, SIM cards and phone cards.

Top-up kiosk solutions have made a huge difference to the way that telecoms, banking and service companies operate, by making their products and services more easily accessible. It is now incredibly simple for customers to purchase additional data allowances for their smartphones or make any other use of prepaid infrastructure solutions.

Kiosk Innova’s top-up kiosks can accept cash payments through integrated banknote and coin acceptors and dispensers, as well as debit and credit card payments. All payment solutions meet the latest international standards in hardware and software security.

Top-up kiosks…

  • reduce queues at peak times
  • enhance customer experience and in-store efficiency by speeding up the process
  • accept all forms of payments such as cash, credit/debit cards, personal cheques, etc.
  • have multi-language and multi-currency capabilities
  • can be used 24/7

Top-up kiosk features: Direct top-up, PIN vouchers, mobile debit, direct deposit, gift cards, SIM cards, phone cards, bill payment, coupons, ticketing…

A top-up kiosk is ideal for…

Telecom solutions that save customers time

Top-up kiosks bring revolutionary new advantages to the telecoms industry by allowing customers to top up their mobile phone accounts quickly with just a few steps. Kiosks speed up transactions dramatically, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction, and also offer customers a convenient way to complete transactions without having to wait in line to be served by an employee. Customers simply select the top-up amount they require, enter their mobile phone number, pay, and then use the printed receipt to top up their balance.

Instant top-ups on student cards

Self-service top-up kiosks installed around university campuses make it easy for students to recharge their prepaid university student and in-campus payment cards and to view their current balance. The Kiosk Innova top-up kiosks connect directly with the software, and credits can then be used to activate internet, printing and photocopying services throughout the campus.

Cutting down the queues

Self-service top-up kiosks can reduce queues at peak times when the availability of staff is most limited, giving customers a much better in-store experience. Meanwhile, staff no longer need to be anchored to electronic terminals, and instead have the opportunity to attend to other customer needs. By using a simple, user-friendly interface, the kiosks are constantly accessible to all users.

More creative, more efficient

Top-up kiosks improve in-store efficiency by speeding up vital tasks and managing customer flow. There is no time delay in receiving payment, as the machines have their own integrated cash and card payment systems. Kiosks can be customised to fit the requirements of any company, and can be purchased outright or rented, with a comprehensive service and backup plan available if required.


Topping up mobile phones or paying utility bills is now easier than ever thanks to Kiosk Innova's 100 payment kiosks manufactured for TurkPay.

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Top-up kiosks for water consumers in the Turkish capital city was presented with ‘Europe's Best e-Government Project’ award in London.

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