Payment Kiosk Security

Payment kiosk security features that provide maximum protection against all external factors and online threats.

By their very nature payment kiosks are generally unattended and often located in less secure environments. It is therefore very important that they are built to be sturdy and resilient. Units must be completely weatherproof and highly resistant to vandalism, something which we achieve by using the toughest materials and state-of-the-art construction techniques.

Minimum 2 mm carbon steel chassis

One example of our commitment to building tough and long-lasting kiosks is our use of 2 mm-wide carbon steel chassis. The access doors are reinforced and the touch panel is made of Plexiglas, designed to withstand even a blow from a hammer. We use multiple locking bars and ensure that access is possible only with a security key. The full-length hinges on the door are made of stainless steel, while the encrypted PIN pad has an aluminum design with toughened metal keys.

The kiosks are securely wall or pedestal mounted using internally accessible mounting points. Our flush-mounted and steel-fronted models are even more rugged, using steel or stainless steel on all exposed surfaces to make them suitable for prolonged use in unattended outdoor locations.

Tempered glass protection

Tempered glass has a range of properties that make it very well suited for use in kiosks. Its key benefit is its strength, which comes from a special heating process and use of chemicals during its production. In addition to being the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor kiosks where durability is highly desirable, the glass also reduces the potential for injury due to the fact that on the rare occasions when it breaks, it shatters into small, circular pieces rather than into sharp, jagged shards: this feature is particularly important for kiosks designed for public use.

Additional Security Features

Kiosks with uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) have control cards that monitor grid voltage and control heat and humidity inside the chassis. These control cards also have crash sensors and LED guidance.

Payment Kiosk Security Features*

  • Kiosk security cameras
  • Kiosk alarm systems
  • A metal casing providing extra security
  • Steel handset, keyboard and trackball
  • Heat and water resistance
  • Anti-vandal shock sensor
  • 6 mm tempered glass protection for monitors
  • Robust construction designed to withstand vandalism

Meeting the PCI DSS requirements

The PCI Security Standards (PCI DSS) are designed to enhance data security for card payments. The Standards include a whole framework of specifications, tools, measurements and support resources to help organisations ensure that cardholder information is handled safely at every stage of the transaction. The key element is the PCI DSS, which provides an actionable framework for the development of robust data security processes, including fraud prevention and detection and appropriate responses to security breaches.

Operational Security Hardware*

  • Debit and credit card readers with EMV technology (Chip and PIN)
  • Fingerprint scanners (with single print or 10 print options)
  • Facial image capture with backlit cameras
  • Iris scanners
  • Signature capture devices
  • Document image scanners for visas, passport, and customs declarations
  • Encrypted keypads

*Some of these features are optional. Please contact Kiosk Innova to discuss your customisation requirements.

Click here for more information about payment kiosk security features: EMV certification.


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