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Tax payment kiosks save travellers time

Visitors to Singapore and returning residents arriving at Changi Airport save time with an innovative service jointly developed by kiosk manufacturers and Singapore Customs for the payment of duties and taxes.

On arrival in Singapore, travellers are required to declare and pay duties and Goods and Services Tax (GST) on cigarettes and tobacco, liquor in excess of their duty-free concession, as well as GST on imported goods such as new articles, souvenirs, gifts and food items exceeding their GST relief entitlement.

The introduction of self-service tax payment kiosks at all airport terminals provides travellers with an additional avenue to fulfill their Customs duties and GST obligations. Travellers can now enjoy the added convenience of making a self-declaration on their purchases through the payment kiosks and paying the required duty and GST electronically without having to queue at the Customs Tax Office to do so.

The self-declaration service and e-payment mechanism represent a user-friendly and secure means. Travellers need only key in the relevant information on their purchases and the system will automatically calculate the duties and GST due after deducting their GST relief entitlement. The touch of a button will reveal a summary of the taxes due.

The kiosks, which also feature credit card acceptors, allow payments to be made via VISA, MasterCard or Nets.

“Those who have used the Customs Tax Payment Kiosk found it be easy and convenient to use” says Eric Pablo Migal from the Philippines: “Machines are very helpful and improve efficiency of service in the airport.”

Travellers are advised to retain the receipt issued by the kiosk for checks by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers when they exit the arrival lounge.

Source: inSYNC Singapore Customs e-newsletter

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Banking and payment kiosks offer a strong alternative to branches in Georgia

Community & Southern Bank, a financial institution with a prestigious brand in Georgia, has launched a network of self-service multi-function banking kiosks that provide customers with anytime access to both traditional and alternative financial and banking services.

The banking kiosks incorporate a wider range of capabilities and modules than more commonly known set of features found on most of the banking and payment kiosks around the region. Although banking kiosks, mobile top-up kiosks, tax or bill payment kiosks are usually considered different sets of products, Community & Southern Bank’s multi-function banking kiosks seem to bring a new paradigm to the market which empower customers to perform a large selection of transactions on a single self-service device.

Thanks to innovative multi-function self-service banking kiosks the customers can reload their mobile prepaid cards using cash, debit or credit cards, deposit or withdraw money, make various payments and other types of fund transfers, and perform many other transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Source: SelfServiceWorld

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ICICI’s Banking Kiosks Reach One Hundred

ICICI Bank, the largest private bank in India, has increased the number of its fully-automated, touch screen capable banking kiosks to 100 in 33 cities across the country.

The kiosks, which serve in a 24/7 basis, help customers carry out virtually all kinds of financial or non-financial banking transactions conventionally performed in a branch including but not limited to cash and check deposits, money withdrawals, money and fund transfers, card and utility payments, opening new deposit accounts, etc.

The banking and payment kiosks are also equipped with necessary hardware and software to connect customers to call center representatives over a high-speed live video link. If they need, customers can also access their Internet banking pages using the kiosks.

24/7 based operation of the banking kiosks is a great convenience especially for hard working white collars. Thanks to the operational capabilities and the self-service functionality of the banking kiosks, individuals have the opportunity to perform their banking transactions at any time of the day they prefer.

ICICI Bank’s network of self-service banking kiosks has been in active duty for about a year now and continuously increasing customer interest has recently been pushing the bank to increase the number of the kiosks. The bank officials say the number of transactions gone through their banking and payment kiosks have doubled in the last six months to reach over 2 million in February 2014 and each month around 100,000 new customers are joining in the active user base of the kiosks.

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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Tax payment kiosks to serve Treasurer's offices

The Allen County (Indiana) Treasurer's office recently announced that its new self-service tax payment kiosk is now available for public use. This makes it the very first Treasurer office in the country to offer a government collection kiosk for automated tax payment.

Tax payment kiosks offered by the office provide a convenient way for tax payers by combining speed and a rich set of capabilities. Self-service kiosks, which are bilingual, will accept cash payments and make change, accept checks, credit cards or a combination of those payment types.

Ease of use is another reason people are very happy with the tax and bill payment kiosks: all they need to do is simply scan their tax bill or search and select their property. Then they make their payment using one of the methods mentioned above and get their receipts.

Source: Journal Gazette

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Bill payment kiosks power customer interaction

In an effort to provide its customers with a convenient method for paying their power bills, Valley Electric Association (VEA) introduced a new bill payment kiosk. The new kiosk will allow VEA members to pay their bills at any hour of the day or night.

Valley Electric Association is known for its line of popular, self-service payment collection kiosks and this new addition at one of the most popular destinations for local shoppers reflects the company’s commitment to providing its customers with a wide variety of convenient options for paying their bills.

To promote the new 24/7 self-service payment kiosk and raise awareness about its unique benefits, VEA will provide a $200 gift card to a randomly selected customer who uses the kiosk during the month of June. In addition, VEA will offer one $50 gift card in July and another in August.

VEA customers have a number of options for accessing their accounts and making payments at the collection kiosks. People can also access their accounts by entering their account information or by scanning the barcode on their paper bills. All kiosks are equipped with cash and credit card acceptors and these capabilities let members make bill payments using credit or debit cards, electronic checks, and cash. While the kiosks do not provide change for the time being, any funds that exceed a member’s balance will be credited to his or her account for later use.

Source: Pahrump Valley Times

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Self-service banking kiosks on the rise in US

US financial institutions follow their European counterparts in transforming their banking services and spread them to all households and customers.

A survey conducted by US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation indicates that around one in four US households cannot benefit from the services offered by financial institutions. During the last decade European banks have witnessed a similar pattern and they found a way to respond in a smart, innovative way: they started to setup and deploy self-service banking and payment kiosks which practically had all the functionality and service capability traditionally provided to customers via branches.

This solution, which enabled customers to perform their banking transactions at any time and any place while providing the financial institutions with the ability to reach many more customers, is now being embraced and heavily invested by US banks as well.

Canada-based TIO networks install and oversee the operation of a network of bill payment and collection kiosks across the US. The company says more and more customers are moving away from traditional bank branches to self-service banking kiosks to pay their bills, loans, or credit cards, deposit or withdraw money, reload prepaid debit cards, and carry out other types of financial or non-financial transactions. Another reason banking kiosks draw attention is the much lower service fees charged to customers using them.

Retail Systems Research, a US based consultancy firm, also foretells about a new business model including the convergence and integration of banking and mobile top-up kiosks. Self-service top-up kiosks, generally operated and administered by GSM or mobile network operators, allow mobile prepaid card users to reload their cards to buy airtime or SMS packages.

Banking and payment kiosks have all the means and equipment necessary for performing many kinds of payment transactions using credit or debit cards, cash, and even coins. And TIO has already developed a mobile wallet for its customers, which can be accessed both at TIO kiosks and on smartphones. The mobile wallet not only lets customers use the banking kiosks as top-up kiosks but it also permits them to make payments via their mobile phones. TIO’s business model can be considered an exemplary showcase to unveil the opportunities around banking and mobile payment kiosks integration.

Source: T-Net

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Payment kiosks empower banks and businesses to collect funds anywhere, anytime

A cooperation between U.S. Bank and a wide selection of utilities companies, government bodies, NPOs, and private businesses harnesses bill payment kiosks to reach customers in a variety of places and have them easily and quickly make various kinds of payments.

Branded “E-Payment Service Kiosk” by U.S. Bank, the payment kiosks are being offered in designs targeted for both indoor and outdoor uses. The bank also allows the affiliated parties to customize the kiosks and clothe them in their own logotypes, colors and branding materials.

To make life easier for customers, self-service e-payment kiosks are endowed with an abundant supply of payment methods: customers can freely make their payments using their credit or debit cards, cash, and checks and one can arguably say this rich collection of payment schemes is among the best bets to increase the odds a customer will have appropriate means (and then decide) to use the e-payment machines.

“Improved customer service thanks to fast, see-no-queue, and skillful self-service payment kiosks naturally gives rise to better, strengthened customer relationships and a higher degree of customer loyalty. Hands down a win-win environment for everyone involved and in every angle.” cites a U.S. Bank senior project officer.

Source: ATM Marketplace

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Payment kiosks in parks for municipal, utilities, and law enforcement related payments

E-payment kiosks deployed in the City of Huntington Park facility in California offer residents an easy and instant way to pay their municipal taxes or expenses, traffic tickets and similar regulatory fees, and utilities bills.

Self-service, stand-alone, fancy and colorful e-payment kiosks are no longer prevalent only in banking and transportation industries. Be it government, public, or private, big or small, every type of businesses and industries revel in the opportunities and benefits uncovered by the presence of sophisticated and flexible payment and collection kiosks.

City of Huntington Park has been another participant joining in ever increasing bandwagon of unattended payment terminals for collecting tax, fees, and bills. Indoor and outdoor payment kiosks located throughout the park enable townies to comfortably make payments for their various types of fees or debts.

City officials state that the capabilities of the devices [to accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash] and their combined ease of use have made them an instant hit with the residents. Townies are also reported to express their gratitude for a satisfactory, time effective, and cozy interface and experience with the municipal and governmental services.

Source: GlobeNewswire

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Mass-Transit Ticketing Kiosks Now Doing Mobile Refills

Poland's Mazovia Railway System, which covers approximately 100,000 square kilometers in Poland, expands the capabilities of its payment and ticketing kiosks so that they can now be used to reload mobile prepaid cards issued by Poland’s virtually all mobile network operators.

Electronic payment kiosks in Poland have recently seen a great increase in customer demand and it takes no effort to understand why after seeing how they make life easier for busy commuters and travelers. The kiosks installed in highly trafficked railway stations or stops and other convenient, central locations can be used 24/7 and they have been a tremendous relief for the railway system which managed more than 60 million trips in 2013.

Mazovia now gives back to customers by installing NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless card readers on its unattended electronic ticketing kiosks which will allow customers to use contactless payment features in their debit / credit cards or NFC-capable mobile phones.

What’s more is a new top-up functionality which lets mobile prepaid subscribers instantly add minutes to their mobile accounts. Contactless payment support enables the ticketing kiosks to complete customer transactions much quicker while mobile prepaid card refill features forge top-up kiosks into existence and surely have potential to present new opportunities for a whole new revenue stream.

The project is considered an exemplary one by many experts in the field since it gracefully incorporates seemingly two different types of customer needs onto one single entity and thus clearly refines overall customer experience. “Need to have your ticket printed? Your transportation card reloaded? Your mobile account and prepaid card topped-up? And you need them all in a quick, secure, and easy manner? You can have it all in seconds; all you need to do is just to find an electronic top-up payment kiosk,” says a senior Mazovia executive responsible from the project.

Source: Mobile Payments Today

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Self-service ticketing kiosks offer 24/7 ticket availability in bus and rail transportation

Self-service ticketing and payment kiosk install base of Cincinnati's number 1 transportation bus service Metro expands with a large number of new devices and locations. In 2011, Metro introduced a new and reengineered, electronic fare and ticketing system in its entire bus fleet and the new program had proved so popular that the company needed and pleased to enrich its offerings continuously.

The latest enhancements brought to the region of Cincinnati include 24/7 operational ticketing and payment kiosks deployed around many new stations and central locations. Using self-service kiosks, which accept both cash and credit cards, passengers may have the opportunity to have their stored-value cards loaded or buy new ones for a selected number of passes or dollar amounts. The company is also planning to fancy up its already rich line of kiosks with additional ones which accept coins and give back change.

What’s also worth to mention is the capabilities of the ticketing kiosks adapted especially to serve the elderly and the handicapped as well as non-native speakers: the devices are fitted with all the necessary hardware and software to offer Spanish-language aids, and Braille and audio-translations for vision- and hearing-impaired customers.

Metro is famous for its successful history of providing self-service ticketing kiosks of various types for more than two decades and the company officials cite that their current line of offerings in bus and rail transportation industry are considered one of the primary revenue drivers for Metro’s business and they expect to install more of them in near future to cover new areas and locations.

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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