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Super heavy duty outdoor payment kiosks
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Outdoor kiosk units are specialised devices specifically designed to withstand the demands of severe weather conditions. As the majority of interactive outdoor devices are public access kiosks, they also have to be highly secure to allow unmonitored public use. Welcome to the outdoor payment kiosk solutions that will make your payment systems available 24/7.

Kiosk Innova’s Curve Outdoor model allows you to offer a convenient collection service for bills, service charges, fines, taxes etc. The outdoor kiosks specially developed by Kiosk Innova reflect years of experience in the industry, and make possible 24/7 collection services that can be offered at any location.

What makes outdoor kiosks different?

Kiosk Innova outdoor payment kiosks are built to withstand the harshest conditions, including bad weather and vandalism. They are fitted within a watertight enclosure and have padded inner walls and tough exteriors. The display screens are designed to eliminate glare and other visual problems that can be caused by direct sunlight, so that screen readability is maintained at all times of day. By placing kiosks outdoors, companies can finally offer truly continuous service.

Kiosk Innova’s outdoor payment kiosks are a great choice for any company wishing to ensure that their customers and subscribers have 24/7 access to a payment system on a self-service basis. Its rugged exterior allows it to withstand all natural elements, making it ideal for public settings.

Your needs, your design…

Kiosk Innova’s payment kiosks combine the finest integrated designs available in outdoor kiosks. Thanks to the waterproof and water resistant design, Curve Outdoor meets the highest standards in the industry and is able to operate in the toughest of environments. In addition, Curve Outdoor provides a perfect fit for all types of application. One of its most appealing features is that it can be modified to use any Kiosk Innova component and can be personalised for use with any corporate branding.

Full technical specifications of outdoor kiosks*

  • A metal casing providing extra security
  • Steel keyboard and trackball
  • Heat and water resistance
  • Shock sensor for maximum security
  • 17" LCD with 6 mm tempered glass protection
  • Robust construction designed to withstand vandalism
  • 80 mm thermal receipt printer
  • Insert credit card reader, contactless credit card reader and motor driven card reader
  • Cash acceptance module/dispenser
  • Coin acceptor/dispenser
  • Other features: Encrypted PIN Pad and POS terminal, Kiosk PC, stereo speakers, camera, Wi-Fi adapter, Kiosk control card, barcode reader, 1.250 VA UPS
  • Dimensions: 240H x 198D x 135W (mm)
  • Weight: 350 kg (total weight for standard model)

* Some of these features are optional. Please contact Kiosk Innova to discuss your customisation requirements.


Visitors of Vialand, Turkey’s first international theme park, can easily buy and print their tickets at the ticketing and payment kiosks before entering the park.

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Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), installed Kiosk Innova’s self-service outdoor ticketing & payment kiosks at 52 locations in Turkey.

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