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Kiosk Innova’s modular hardware, software and services provide a truly cost-effective and complete payment solution.


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Kiosk Innova manufactures a full range of completely customisable kiosks suitable for the banking, insurance, telecom and financial sectors. All Kiosk Innova payment kiosks are made to the precise specifications of our customers and comply with international quality standards.

Payment kiosks are increasingly becoming the preferred payment system for many companies, since they enable any collections without assistance from personnel. Kiosk Innova’s kiosks are equipped with the world’s most advanced security technologies, such as EMV Chip and PIN security mechanisms. Kiosk Innova also configures its products to meet the exact requirements of its customers.

The kiosks can be designed to meet a wide range of needs as any component or desired feature can be added to standard models. Cash acceptance mechanisms, cash recyclers and credit card readers can all be added, and receipt printing costs can be reduced by choosing one of the available printer modules offering a variety of print size and paper quality options.

Kiosk Innova…

  • Allows companies to choose components based on their business needs
  • Enhances brand image with specially branded kiosks
  • Gives flexible support and remote management services
  • Ensures security at every stage

Standard payment kiosk features

A kiosk is a rugged standalone structure designed to provide a simple interface that can be understood even by novice computer users. Kiosk Innova’s payment kiosks work in combination with existing company payment systems, and allow users to perform any number of transactions. They can accept input from keyboards, touchscreens, or both. Most of Kiosk Innova’s payment models include credit card readers, receipt printers, coin acceptors, cash acceptance modules, metallic keyboards and other complex mechanical devices designed to offer payment features. Intended for both consumer and business-focused industries, the kiosks offer ease of access, reduced transaction times, access to information and the ability to perform multiple transactions.

More security with Chip and PIN

The Chip and PIN solution, also known as an EMV system, is a global standard for credit card and debit card payments, making it nearly impossible to duplicate and ensuring great security for personal data. Chip and PIN technology can be added to any debit, prepaid, credit or ATM card, and EMV chips can be embedded into these cards to store and protect cardholder data, ensuring that transactions are only validated when the cardholder's personal identification number (PIN) matches the encrypted information embedded in the microchip. EMV chips drastically reduce the use of lost, stolen or counterfeit cards. Click here for more information about EMV certification.

World-class engineering

All Kiosk Innova payment kiosks are built to international benchmarks. Standard enclosures are listed as a guideline, but all models are highly configurable and can be integrated with components defined by the clients, including preferred PCs, PIN pads, etc., in order to streamline IT support. Highly experienced Kiosk Innova engineers are available to discuss component choice, support transaction requirements and facilitate an easy transition into a fully integrated solution.

Cash recycler for payment kiosks

The cash recycler is an optional module for simplifying cash handling, incresing machine up-time performance and efficiency while reducing labour, handling and maintenance costs.


  • Up to 19” high resolution touchscreen LCD
  • Up to 21.5” LCD (second display)
  • EMV chip technology (Chip and PIN) compatible payments
  • Coin acceptor module, fully compatible with the Euro region.
  • Main hardware: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor / 2 GB RAM / 160 GB HDD, USB, Ethernet
  • Dimensions: 2070H x 675W x 795D
  • 80mm receipt printer
  • Coin dispenser
  • Cash acceptance module (1,000 or 2,000 banknote capacity)
  • Optional hardware: 2D barcode reader, camera, POS terminal, encrypted PIN pad, phone handset, stainless steel keyboard, standard audio speaker
  • * The kiosk here is only an example. To see our fully customisable kiosks please view our Payment Kiosk examples or our Standard Models.
    * Some features are optional and may not be compatible with all models. Please contact our experts to discuss your customisation requirements.


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