ECB Certification

Payment kiosk solutions, equipped with cash acceptor and dispenser modules, are certified by the European Central Bank

Despite the rapid growth in debit and credit card usage in Eurozone countries, cash continues to be one of the leading payment methods. It remains a simple and low cost solution for small transactions and will probably be around for many more years to come. Because of this, there continues to be a need for regulations to cover transactions using Euro banknotes and coins, including standards designed for self-service payment kiosks.

The need for cash payments:

  • Cash payments continue to be the fastest and most popular way to complete retail transactions and other contingency payments
  • Cash is still the cheapest way to make payments, since the total cost of handling small cash payments is considerably lower than for all electronic payment methods
  • Cash is inclusive and available to people with limited access to bank accounts and electronic payment methods
  • Cash has a proven history of offering relatively high levels of security against fraud and counterfeiting.

ECB standards

The European Central Bank (ECB) offers considerable assistance to anyone who handles cash as part of their work and has developed a number of tools designed to spread information about the security features of Euro banknotes and advice on how to check their authenticity (ECB standards).

The major manufactures of high-speed banknote sorting machines and payment kiosks have developed systematic approaches to integrating authenticity detectors into their products and thus enhance interoperability and reduce the difficulty of integration. The result of this is the common detector interface (CDI), which is available to all stakeholders free of charge. Any supplier wishing to implement the CDI in its products can access support from the ECB, which provides test protocols and simulators protected by a non-disclosure agreement. These have been developed to allow companies to check that their products work correctly and offer the highest possible level of security.

Kiosk Innova’s ECB certified devices

Kiosk Innova solutions have always placed great emphasis on security. The CSH410 payment kiosks accept Euro banknotes and coins and are in compliance with ECB certification.

Kiosk Innova has cleared the way for its products to be adopted widely throughout Europe by gaining ECB certification, a mandatory requirement imposed on all payment machinery used in Europe in order to ensure the authenticity and reliability of cash in circulation. Developed specifically to sort and handle Euro banknotes quickly while helping the European market detect and trace counterfeit notes and coins, Kiosk Innova’s products have all passed the following tests:

  • Authentication: Detects and removes counterfeit notes
  • Fitness: Detects and removes dirty and torn notes so that they can be recycled
  • Trace: Traces customer information in order to combat counterfeiting


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