Success Stories:

ASKI Self-service Top-up Kiosk


The Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKI) continues its water and sewerage services with permanent solutions that provide an inspiration for municipalities across the world. Recently, ASKI has further improved their already successful and efficient projects designed to respond to Ankara’s water and infrastructure needs at the highest level possible and decided to deploy Kiosk Innova payment and top-up kiosks that deliver 24/7 water credit top-up services to smart card users.

Current Condition

Before the self-service solution was deployed, every homeowner in Ankara had to travel to water utility company service centres to top-up their account. This was a major problem for residents as the service centres were only open during working hours, meaning that they had to leave work and buy water credits.

ASKI has been developing the “Electronic Smart Water Meter” system since 1997 and has achieved successful results in revenue collection as well as prevention of illegal usage via simplifying the work of water distribution services. Within this system, consumers purchased their water credit and top-up their accounts from ASKI offices and uploaded their meters. The Electronic Water Meter warned consumers before they ran out of water and in the case that they did not purchase water credits despite the warning, the electronic smart water meter turned off the meter faucet. Therefore, it was impossible for consumers who were unable to load credits on their cards during work hours to purchase water credit and top-up their accounts at some other time outside these hours.

Kiosk Innova Payment and Top-up Kiosk Solution

Kiosk Innova designed cash accepting payment and top-up kiosks that enable consumers to purchase water on a 24/7 basis, thus outside work hours as well, using their subscriber's smart cards.

Since the system launched, the majority of transactions recorded by the payment and top-up kiosks have taken place after 6 o’clock in the evening, showing that the solution to make payments after working hours has been warmly welcomed by customers.


ASKI consumers who use the Electronic Smart Meter and purchase water with their smart card can now use Askimatik top-up and payment kiosk solutions to purchase their water credits whenever they want without being confined to work hours. They can simply place their water cards on Askimatik payment kiosk, put their money in the machine and purchase water in no time.


Kiosk Innova was presented with the 2011 EAFS award for ‘Best Government Project’ during an award ceremony at Kiosk London. The winning project Askimatik provides a 24/7 payment facility via top-up and payment kiosks for water consumers in the Turkish capital, Ankara.