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TurkPay Cash Payment and Top-up Kiosks

Topping up prepaid mobile phone plans or paying utility bills is now easier than ever thanks to TurkPay’s 100 custom-designed kiosks.

TurkPay has been offering self-service payment solutions in Turkey since 2010, providing utility bill payment and mobile phone top-ups. The company teamed up with Kiosk Innova to deploy 100 bill payment and top-up kiosks in Istanbul, Antalya and Marmaris, targeting foreign tourists.

Self-service phone top-ups

The self service payment kiosks, located throughout these popular tourist locations, allow users to pay cash (cash payment) for mobile top-ups and are in service on a 24/7 basis. Holidaymakers can also buy credit for foreign phone operators. In addition, thanks to the kiosks’ bill collection feature, Turkish citizens can use the top-up kiosks to pay their utility bills (bill payment kiosk).

The top-up kiosks’ bill collection feature provides a great solution for many companies, enabling them to offer huge convenience to their customers by allowing them to pay bills (cash payment) with just a few clicks. In the meantime, mobile phone users can quickly enter their phone numbers and top up their phone credit.

TurkPay Cash Payment and Top-up Kiosks TurkPay Cash Payment and Top-up Kiosks TurkPay Cash Payment and Top-up Kiosks
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