Success Stories:

Turk Telekom Digital Signage Network


Turk Telekom is one of the largest telecom operators in the world, representing 17 million fixed line customers, 6 million ADSL line customers and 12.6 million GSM subscribers. It reaches new customers and manages customer relations through a variety of marketing channels. One of the most important of these are their 1,300 retail stores distributed throughout Turkey in 81 cities.

As for many telecommunications businesses, competition is high with customers shopping around for best price, best service and best experience. Turk Telekom recognized that their retail stores provided a primary point for the brand to talk to customers and differentiate itself from the competition, specifically for the brand to demonstrate its value, customer proposition and innovative qualities in a tangible manner.

Turk Telekom also recognized that delivering this value in-store meant creating a package of upgrades such as increasing the quality of store design, enhancing customer service levels and using the store to demonstrate the brands innovative qualities.

The challenge

The challenge was to create an enhanced retail environment where customers would be able to quickly orientate their way around the store, find the products and services they were looking for and access the best deals & offers available to them with, or without, the need for one to one customer service support.

Turk Telekom also needed a way in which products, services, offers and deals could be presented to a variety of different customer types taking into consideration a number of variables that informed their requirements, interests, budget and spending habits.

In order to establish a method of communicating brand, price, availability and other information to stores in a highly targeted and managed way, Turk Telekom turned to Kiosk Innova to develop a Digital Signage system capable of delivering high quality product, price, service and brand messaging to stores to support the sales process, improve the modernity of the stores and help educate customers on product features and benefits.

Kiosk Innova Solution

In order to develop and deliver a digital network capable of distributing a wide variety of store specific content, Turk Telekom turned to Kiosk Innova, who provided a turnkey solution.

In order for the retail network to reach customers across the store, a mix of LCD screens (larger stores receive 42” LCD screens, smaller stores 32” LCDs) are being installed within a Turk Telekom branded bezel which sits behind the customer service counter of each store. This location provides opportunities for content to be viewed across the store, to queuing customer and provides big, bold, branded message impact throughout the store.

All content is managed remotely by Turk Telekom with support from Kiosk Innova who in turn specified and use Scala to power the content management system that drives the Turk Telekom network. This “remote control” provides several key benefits, one being that a user with the appropriate authorization levels can control the broadcast, add new content, update a price or delete old content quickly and efficiently through a password protected web portal so if they would like to broadcast a news item, an updated price or an alert it is possible to do so anytime, from anywhere.

As the full service provider, Kiosk Innova provides channel design and content management services, procurement, installation, integration, ongoing network support and staff training to Turk Telekom.