Success Stories:

Trump Towers Mall Digital Signage Project

Trump Towers Mall was built by the world’s one of the most prestigious companies Trump Organization, in Istanbul’s central business area, Mecidiyeköy, as a business and shopping complex and opened in 2012. Trump Tower has become one of the important locations of the business and shopping world with its central location and the brands it contains where each one is more famous than the other

Appealing to a large mass, Trump Towers Mall which is a huge complex is as successful as its foreign precedents and it needed a central system through which advertisement and news broadcasting appropriate for the visitor population would be done. This project is designed to use the spaces inside the place commodiously both in terms of functionality and equipment. Visited by thousands of people everyday, Trump Towers Mall aimed to make its location and brand value more equipped through the technology.

Within the scope of the project planned in the most proper way for the line and need of the place, 65 display monitors and hardware and software compounds constituting a central broadcasting system were installed at appropriate points inside Trumps Towers Mall. Two different display types of 55 inches and 46 inches were used in terms of space usage. Display monitors with different dimensions were installed at the points determined meticulously with the right angle so that the visitors can watch the broadcasting with advertisement and news contents easily.

Within the framework of the project, Scala Digital Signage application, which is the leading brand in the world, was preferred as the central broadcasting system application platform. In the project whose broadcasting management is carried out by Kiosk Innova, advertisement videos are broadcasted and reported within the frame of a determined program. Apart from the advertisement broadcasts, the current news and weather forecast information can also be displayed with specific backgrounds and templates designed particularly for the project.

Thanks to the 65 display monitors installed in Trump Tower by Kiosk Innova, advertisement and news contents that are appropriate for the visitor population of the complex are being broadcasted through a central system. The display monitors create completeness with the modern appearance of the place and ensure that the visitors can reach various news and information.