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Kiosks: Touch Desk 43

Touch Desk 43
Touch Desk 43
Touch Desk 43

The Touchdesk 43” stands out for its ergonomic design. It can be used to support promotions and advertising by presenting interactive content such as games and special effects. Thanks to its practical and ergonomic approach, users can look at and compare products for long periods, as if they were studying at a desk. The Touchdesk 43” is an interactive tool that allows you to make your presentations more effective.

Need Assessment

  • Do you need a device capable of giving information and instructions?
  • Would you like to help customers to find their way in large areas like shopping centres and plazas using a touchscreen?
  • Would you like to advertise your products on large touchscreen displays?
  • Do you need to advertise your solutions, products and services with flexible visual aids?


Metal body, 43” LCD touchscreen,
Kiosk PC, Windows
Size: 1.075 x 575 x 1.410 mm
Weight: 100 kg.


  • 2D barcode scanner

Target Markets

Companies who wish to introduce their products and services in a more attractive way by using a giant touchscreen. All organisations that need to provide directions to visitors.