Success Stories:

Reel Cinemas Self-Service Ticketing and Payment Kiosks


Reel Cinemas, a subsidiary of Emaar, one of the biggest companies in the United Arab Emirates, is the largest cinema chain in the UAE to be fully equipped with THX-certified screens. Its cinema in the Dubai Mall alone has a seating capacity of 2,800.

The Problem

Reel Cinemas was looking for an innovative solution for the long queues at its counters and to simplify the process of ticket buying. Reel Cinemas also wanted to be able to show trailers to customers to help them make a choice among films.

Kiosk Innova Ticketing and Payment Kiosk Solution

Kiosk Innova manufactured and installed self-service ticket and payment kiosks to fit Reel Cinemas’ needs, thus helping the company to introduce an innovative and straightforward way for their customers to buy tickets. Double screen ticket kiosks enabled movie fans to browse the movies in theatres, watch trailers, and easily buy tickets, making the whole process pleasurable.

Customers are now able to watch trailers, ads and other selected content playing on the 19-inch upper screen of the ticket and payment kiosks. The ticket and payment kiosks, designed and manufactured by Kiosk Innova in its own facilities, have been thoughtfully branded to reflect Reel Cinemas’ corporate identity, and feature the company’s corporate colours and logo.


Reel Cinemas offers a unique experience to filmgoers on 22 cinema screens in the Dubai Mall. Thanks to the self-service ticketing and payment kiosks, customers can now select movies and showtimes, see available seats, and easily buy tickets without having to wait in long queues.

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